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fuboTV Subscribers Can Finally DVR ESPN & Disney Channels



fuboTV subscribers now have the option to record Disney, ESPN, and the other channels that were recently added through the Disney deal. Although the channels had previously gone live, the option to record had not been enabled before now.

fuboTV only recently struck a deal with Disney distribution to carry a number of channels, including Disney Channel and ESPN. After initially confirming the deal in June, subscribers still had to wait until August for the fruits of the deal to go live. Although, even then, the option to record any of these channels remained unavailable. At the time, fuboTV suggested this was only a temporary issue and that the cloud DVR support would go live within the week. However, weeks later that had still not happened.

Between the channels going live and now, there was very little information provided on what was causing the Disney and ESPN DVR delay. Instead, the company would routinely update its status page noting that the support was still being worked on and would arrive soon. Similar messages were routinely relayed to subscribers asking questions on social media. However, that has all now changed with the support having officially gone live.

fuboTV can now record Disney and ESPN

Users have already started taking to forums including Reddit to confirm that the option to record these channels has gone live. While the official FAQ page still says “soon” the general message has changed to a “yes” the option to record is available, when before it was a ‘no, not yet’ message being shown. Further indicating that the feature is in the process of going live.

Further adding to the confirmation is the company’s general status page. Previously, this page listed the lack of DVR recording for Disney and ESPN as a known issue. However, that’s now disappeared and has been replaced with a new known issue suggesting that those accessing fuboTV on Samsung smart TVs and Xbox One consoles “may experience issues” with “playback of recordings from Disney/ESPN networks.” Again, the overall suggestion being that the cloud DVR support is live and working as intended on all other platforms and devices.

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