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fuboTV DVR Support for Disney & ESPN Channels Still Unavailable [Updated]


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Update 09/25: fuboTV cloud DVR support for ESPN and Disney channels is now enabled. More info. End of update.

fuboTV recently added a number of Disney-owned channels to its plans, including the Disney Channel and ESPN. However, the option to record the same channels using fuboTV’s cloud DVR feature was not available at launch on August 1. Almost two weeks later and the option to DVR Disney or ESPN channels remains unavailable.

fuboTV is a live TV streaming service that places a heavy emphasis on sports and as a result, the fact channels like ESPN were not available was a major stumbling block for some sports fans considering the service. However, that changed back in June when fubo confirmed that it had struck a deal with Disney Media Networks to bring a number of Disney-owner channels, including ESPN, to fuboTV. At the time, the live TV service didn’t specify when the new channels would go live, but that eventually happened on August 1.

In spite of going live to stream on fuboTV, those same channels have since remained incompatible with fuboTV’s cloud DVR feature. fuboTV released an FAQ post which explained that while subscribers can watch Disney/ESPN channels on fuboTV, the option to record was not yet available.

Still no Disney/ESPN recording on fuboTV

Similar to the channels themselves, the FAQ post went live On August 1 and stated “We expect to have Cloud DVR available for these channels within the next week.” However, eleven days later and the functionality has yet to go live. Furthermore, the FAQ post hasn’t been updated since, and there remains no firm word on when subscribers will be able to record any of the recently added channels.

As is to be expected, some users have taken to social media recently in a bid to get some clarity on the situation. In one response to a customer’s question, the fuboTV Support account on Twitter confirmed the DVR feature remains unavailable for these channels, but did suggest the option to record would go live “within this week.”

A similar situation occurred recently when NBCUniversal’s new Peacock streaming service launched without PlayStation 4 support. At the time, both companies suggested it would be only a matter of days before the app became available, and while it did go live shortly afterwards, it was immediately pulled again due to issues with the app. In the end, the Peacock PlayStation 4 app remained unavailable for almost two weeks.

Whether fuboTV’s DVR support for Disney and ESPN channels actually does go live this week remains unknown at the moment, and especially considering a similar ‘this week’ message was originally relayed to customers during the August 1 FAQ post. However, if the latest update from fuboTV’s support team is accurate, then it should only be a matter of days.

Source: fuboTV Support

John Finn


2 responses to “fuboTV DVR Support for Disney & ESPN Channels Still Unavailable [Updated]”

  1. Brent Miller Avatar
    Brent Miller

    This is false advertisement. No point in having ESPN channels if can’t dvr. Worst product ever. Asking for a full refund and going back to sling

  2. Adelino Garza Avatar
    Adelino Garza

    September 4th, still no record option on Fubo. WHY am I paying EXTRA for this channels!!!!!!!

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