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fuboTV Subscribers Lose A&E Channels, Including History & Lifetime


fuboTV A&E channels

fuboTV subscribers have now lost access to a number of A&E Networks, including History Channel, Lifetime, and FYI. This is only the latest change to apply to the live TV streaming channel landscape, making it further difficult for consumers to find the service that offers exactly the channels they want at the right price.

While fuboTV comes with an emphasis on sports, it has been looking to offer a more balanced channel selection in recent times, in a bid to appeal to more users. However, as the channel lineup has expanded, the price has increased with fuboTV plans now starting at $64.99 per month, putting the base package in direct competition with Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV. While the different live TV services attempt to stay competitive on price, they have been occasionally dropping channels to help keep the cost as low as possible.

The latest fuboTV casualty is A&E Networks. fuboTV has confirmed that, as of June 30, six A&E channels were removed from the lineup. Similar to previous channel losses, fuboTV indicated that the decision to remove A&E Networks is based on “balancing value and keeping your costs as low as possible.”

Unlike some of the previous channel losses by other live TV streaming services, this does not appear to be the result of an ongoing dispute, but more of a permanent removal. In other words, fuboTV subscribers should not necessarily expect to see any of the following channels returning.

  • A&E
  • FYI Channel
  • History Channel
  • Lifetime
  • Lifetime Movie Network
  • Vice TV

Streaming A&E Networks without fuboTV

For those that are concerned about maintaining access to the dropped A&E networks, some of the other live TV streaming services do include many, if not all, of the channels in their lineup. The cheapest way to stream A&E, as well as the other dropped networks, is currently Philo. Priced at $25 per month Philo is an affordable option for live TV streaming. However, those considering switching from fuboTV should be aware that Philo doesn’t carry all of the other channels they already get with a fuboTV subscription.

Alternatively, Hulu Live TV comes with a more similar channel lineup to fuboTV, including the missing A&E Networks, and costs the same as fuboTV. Sling TV might also be another option worth considering, although some of the missing A&E Networks will need to be added to the base package through additional paid-for add-ons.

Source: fuboTV

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14 responses to “fuboTV Subscribers Lose A&E Channels, Including History & Lifetime”

  1. Raising the price and removing content are 2 of the best ways to lose customers- like me. Work out your little squabbles amongst yourselves and quit holding guns to our heads instead.

  2. Too many channels missing now… Vice, History, TNT, Cartoon Network, A & E, TBS, CNN, TruTV… Bye Fubo. You took 15 channels away and raised the price $5.

  3. This is stressful I need my lifetime ! 😩I guess I’ll have to look yet again for another tv app 😑

  4. Cancelled Fubo. Disappointed that they dropped channels that I watched most. They should have dropped some of the similar sports channels that even my husband did y watch.

  5. I canceled fubo went back to Hulu live

  6. I’m definitely doing research for another provider!!!

  7. Extremely unhappy at fubo for not asking the customers if that’s what they wanted. I would be happy to pay five more dollars to keep the channels. Not good customer service at all goodbye fubo……. We understand that the channels are charging more your customers would’ve been happy to pay a few dollars more to keep those channels.

    1.  Avatar

      Absolutely right..I’m furious..seems no one cares anymore

  8. I only switched from YouTubeTV to FUBO because of the History Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Looking for streaming options that have it all is getting harder and harder. At this point the main advantage in streaming is no contract.

  9.  Avatar

    Lifetime!!!!!!!!Fubo hit the road jack!!!!!

  10. Fubo is now not worth the money….may as well go back to cable. You will lose many subscribers after canceling A&E, History, Lifetime, etc.

  11. ChristyC Avatar

    We chose FuboTv because we could watch Braves baseball and I would have my network favorites also. We dropped HuluLive/Frndly because all our needs were met with Fubo. First they dropped Fox sports that carried the Braves…. Now I’m losing History channel.
    Basically we are paying $79.95 and lost channels we watch daily.

  12. Oh I am not happy with them doing the history Channel and lifetime. Those were the channels that I mostly watch. Unfortunately it’s time to say bye bye to fubo.

    1. Disappointed customer Avatar
      Disappointed customer

      My thoughts exactly sorry but I have to cancel and switch

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