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fuboTV in 4K: Supported Devices & How to Find Content to Watch


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fuboTV subscribers can watch in 4K but the feature is currently only available in beta and on a limited selection of compatible devices. Over time, it is expected the 4K support will exit its beta status and become more widely available on TVs, streaming players, and other devices. In the meantime, here’s how fuboTV’s 4K works and what you should expect.

fuboTV is only one of many live TV streaming services now available to sign up to, but its tendency to focus on live sports makes it a great candidate for 4K streaming. However, there are a variety of factors involved with a seamless 4K streaming experience, and fuboTV’s live feeds are just one of them. Right now, one of the main hurdles consumers will come across is compatible devices.

Regardless of whether it is fuboTV or any other live TV streaming service that offers 4K support, the individual or household will need to ensure the rest of their streaming setup is also 4K-ready. This might not only include the TV, but also any connected streaming players used to stream fuboTV and even the cables connecting them. Even with a 4K setup, consumers may find that their particular 4K-ready devices are still incompatible with fuboTV’s 4K support.

fuboTV 4K compatible TVs and players:

  • Amazon Fire TV 4K
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Chromecast Ultra
  • Hisense 4K TV (Android TV)
  • NVIDIA Shield TV
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Premiere+
  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Roku 4K TVs
  • Samsung 4K Smart TV (2017 and newer)
  • Sharp AQUOS 4K TV (Android TV)
  • Sony Bravia 4K TV (Android TV)
  • Xbox One S, One X, Series X, Series S
  • Xiaomi Mi Box S, 2, 3, 4

It is worth keeping in mind that this is not the final list, but the current list and it is likely that other devices will be added in the future. Subscribers can also watch 4K content via the fuboTV website, but only when using Safari. In addition, 4K content can also be streamed on a number of mobile devices as well. Once again, the smartphone list is somewhat limited, so just because a device might be able to play 4K content doesn’t mean it is currently supported by fuboTV. Right now, the list of compatible smartphones mainly consists of recent Google Pixel, Huawei LG, Samsung and Sony models.

Finding and recording fuboTV’s 4K content

Finding 4K streams on fuboTV is fairly simple to do through the normal live TV guide. Essentially, fuboTV displays a small 4K logo on any channel that is currently supported. However, it is worth noting that fuboTV currently only shows select events in 4K and not channels overall. If no logo is shown on the channel listing, then there is currently no 4K feed for that channel. For reference, subscribers will see the 4K logo regardless of whether their setup is currently supported. Due to this, seeing the logo is not an indication that the subscribers can actually watch in 4K.

fuboTV subscribers attempting to access a 4K stream on an unsupported device will be presented with a “this event is available in 4K” message on the screen, along with another message confirming the device is not supported. In these instances, the subscriber will need to select a non-4K channel to watch instead. Besides 4K live feeds, fuboTV does also offer a limited selection of on demand content in 4K as well. The easiest way to check what is currently available to watch in 4K is to simply head to the search section of the app and perform a search for “4K.” fuboTV will then return any videos that are available to stream in the higher resolution.

Where subscribers will additionally run into a 4K-related problem is when attempting to record content. fuboTV provides all subscribers with access to a cloud DVR for recordings. Exactly how much recording space an individual gets depends on their plan. However, and regardless of the recording space limit, fuboTV does not currently allow subscribers to record content in 4K. Again, fuboTV’s 4K is currently in beta, so it is expected that aspects like the ability to record will become available at some point in the future.

fuboTV 4K summary

fuboTV does offer 4K and at no additional cost beyond the base price of a subscription, but there are a number of limitations due to the feature still being in a beta status. The first is that not all events are available to stream in 4K. Even if an event is available in 4K, subscribers will not only need a 4K-ready device to watch on, but also one that’s currently compatible with fuboTV. fuboTV’s general supported device list is not the same as its 4K compatible list, but it is expected that additional devices will gain support in the future.

Subscribers can quickly and easily check for 4K content to watch either through the live TV guide or by searching for “4K” in the app. Even in situations where everything is compatible and supported, 4K events cannot currently be recorded using fuboTV’s cloud DVR. Similar to the compatible device list, fuboTV is likely to add 4K recording support at some point in the future.

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