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Frndly TV Suffering From A ‘Partial Outage’ Affecting Apps And Signing In


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If you’re a Frndly TV subscriber you may find that you cannot access the live TV streaming service right now. Frndly TV has confirmed that it is currently suffering from a ‘partial outage’ and it currently remains unknown when the problem is likely to be fixed.

While there are no firm details yet on the cause of the problem, the company has confirmed that it is “experiencing technical difficulties with our platform.” The update on the Frndly TV Status website confirms that apps and the ability to sign in are impacted, and also explains that the Frndly TV team “is actively working to resolve this as soon as possible.”

In terms of the problem, users are finding that they are being presented with a ‘Service Temporarily Unavailable’ message when trying to access the service. This is similar to an outage that occurred back in August of this year. On that occasion, Frndly TV was able to restore service to affected customers within a few hours.

In terms of the current outage, Frndly TV has labeled the status of the issue as “Investigating.” It is highly likely that this status would need to evolve to ‘identified’ before a solution can actually begin rolling out to restore service.

On a positive note, the impact of the outage appears to have recently been downgraded from ‘major’ to ‘partial.’ While unclear why the change in severity, this could suggest that the outage is not quite as widespread as first thought.

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