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Yes, Frndly TV Has Annual Plans And They Save You Money


Frndly TV savings price cost

Frndly TV is an affordable live TV streaming service but subscribers can save even more each year by signing up to an annual plan. Although yearly plans might not suit everyone, it is worth considering for those that expect to remain subscribed to the service for the entire year. If already subscribed to Frndly TV, it is possible to change the subscription from monthly to annual to take advantage of the additional savings.

Frndly TV plans range between $6.99 and $10.99 per month, making it a good option for those looking to save on the cost of live TV. As to be expected at this price, the channel lineup is more limited than what’s available with other live TV streaming services. However, for some households, the selection of channels might be right for them, removing the need to pay for the channels they don’t want access to.

For those who want to save even more over the course of the year, Frndly TV’s annual plans result in a saving of roughly 15% on each of its subscription tiers. For example, Frndly TV’s $6.99 Basic plan works out to be $83.88 over the course of twelve months. However, the Basic annual plan costs $69.99 per year which breaks down to around $5.83 per month. Likewise, the $8.99 Classic annual plan costs $107.88 per year when paid monthly, but the annual plan is priced at $89.99 per year resulting in an average monthly cost of $7.49. Lastly, the Premium plan at $10.99 per month works out to be $131.88 over the twelve months, but with the annual plan priced at $109.99, the monthly average works out to be $9.17.

Once again, signing up to any of the Frndly TV annual plans results in roughly a 15% saving over the course of the year compared to paying the monthly cost for 12 months.

  • Basic: $69.99 per year
  • Classic: $89.99 per year
  • Premium: $109.99 per year

Signing up to a Frndly TV annual plan

Signing up to one of the annual plans is fairly easy to do and regardless of whether a new or existing subscriber. However, the process is not as obvious as it is with some other services. For example, when visiting the Frndly TV website to sign up, the service doesn’t actively highlight whether there are annual plans available, or the prices. Instead, the consumer needs to click on the “Watch 7 Days Free” button and then choose either the Basic, Classic or Premium plan.

Once that choice is made, Frndly TV will then offer the visitor the option to switch to the annual plan at the discounted rate. Simply tap on the “Get Annual Plan” button and then continue the sign up process by creating an account and adding a payment option. New Frndly TV subscribers do actually get a 7-day free trial with the annual plan so there’s time to try the service out and make sure it is a better option than others before making the yearly payment. However, new subscribers should be aware that the first payment is automatically taken once the seven days have finished, so they will need to manually cancel their Frndly TV subscription if they want to avoid paying the cost of the full year.

If already a Frndly TV subscriber, there is the option to change from a monthly to an annual subscription to take advantage of the same savings. The existing subscriber just needs to head over to the Frndly TV website, sign in with their account details and click on “Change Plan.” After which, they will be able to make changes to their subscription including switching to an annual plan, or upgrading/downgrading to one of the other Frndly TV plans.

In terms of which plan is best, this will depend on the subscriber’s individual or household’s needs. While the Basic, Classic and Premium plans don’t differ in the number (or selection) of channels, there are some important differences including the resolution quality, the number of people that can stream at the same time, and the level of cloud DVR support available for recording videos.

Frndly TV annual plans summary

Frndly TV does offer annual plans and they will save subscribers money each year compared to paying the full monthly amount over twelve months. New subscribers can easily select the annual option when signing up to the Basic, Classic or Premium plan through the Frndly TV website. What’s more, they can also take advantage of a seven-day free trial as well. Likewise, existing subscribers can switch from monthly to yearly by accessing the ‘packages’ section of their account.

For those considering signing up to a yearly Frndly TV plan, it is worth keeping in mind that the payment needs to be made in full for the year ahead. In other words, make sure the service will be worth it over the long term before committing. While both new and existing subscribers save roughly 15% by signing up to an annual plan, that saving is based on them remaining subscribed to the service for the entire year. For some households, paying monthly for Frndly TV with the option to cancel at any time might be the better option, even if it does cost more.

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  1. Why make it so difficult to sign up on annual plan?

  2. I do not like this friendly TV they take your money I asked for a $6.99 package they gave me a $89.99 package this company with Roku is back they will not give your money back I have tried to get my money back and they are not a good friendly channel that you would want to look at I would never prescribe for this channel or tell anybody to describe this channel again this is a bad channel I made a bad choice and I will never ever do this again

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