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Frndly TV Adds A Home Screen To Android Mobile App


Close up of the Frndly TV Android mobile app

Frndly TV has now added a Home screen to the Android app, making it easier for subscribers to discovery new content, see recommendations, and more.

As Frndly TV is designed to be a highly affordable way to stream live TV over the internet, the super low price can sometimes result in compromises elsewhere. The app is a great example here, as it is not quite as polished as apps from many of the more expensive live TV streaming services.

On most devices, the Frndly TV app always opens up to a Guide section. From here, users can check out the live listings, click on Movies or TV to see available on-demand content, or click on My Stuff to see content they’ve recorded or bookmarked.

For those that happen to use the Android app, they will now notice that a Home screen has been added to the app. The Android app was updated on Friday (Jan. 19) with the new Home screen, so subscribers will want to make sure their app is running the latest version if they want to check out the new Home screen as soon as possible.

According to Frndly TV, “Home Screen is a central place where you can watch more of the TV shows and movies that you love! We have created this area for you to more easily be able to find our newest and most popular content.” In addition to what’s popular, subscribers can also expect to see personalized recommendations as well.

As this change now results in the app opening to Home instead of Guide, subscribers will need to tap on Guide to access the live guide and see live channel listings.

At the moment, it remains unclear if the new Home screen has gone live on any other devices and platforms. While the Frndly TV app on other major platforms has also been updated in the past couple of weeks, the Home screen appears to be rolling out as part of a much newer update. For now, we can only confirm that the Android app has received the update so far.

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