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FreeCast App Now Comes Preloaded On Unity Wireless Phones And Tablets


Unity Wireless and Freecast partnership

Unity Wireless phones and tablets will now come preloaded with the FreeCast app, providing Unity device users with an easy way to stream free TV channels and on-demand content.

Unity Wireless provides unlimited talk, text, and data to low-income individuals through the Affordable Connectivity Program, a government-sponsored program aimed to help people get connected to the internet. With FreeCast offering access to a variety of live television channels for free, it can help low-income households save money on streaming TV.

Following FreeCast trialing the provision of free streaming TV to National Lifeline Association (NaLA) members earlier this year, the company has now partnered with Unity Wireless to offers its customers the ability to stream TV channels on their devices.

As a result of the partnership, all new phones and tablets from Unity Wireless will now come preloaded with FreeCast’s app. For those already signed up to Unity Wireless, the FreeCast app will need to be downloaded manually.

TV bills are expensive, and these days, streaming can be expensive too. At FreeCast, that’s always been at the heart of our mission: to make TV easy and affordable by leveraging technology and putting the power in consumers’ hands to customize their experience to their preferences and budgets,” said FreeCast CEO William Mobley. “We think that’s a great solution for customers who need a solution that prioritizes affordability, and in many cases, can be enjoyed for free.”

While FreeCast does offer access to free live TV and on-demand programming, it is worth being aware that the service also offers paid plans as well. Even though these are paid subscriptions, these are considered to be low-cost packages, and especially when compared to other paid live TV services.

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