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HBO Max With Ads Now Free For Cricket Unlimited Customers


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Cricket Wireless subscribers can now take advantage of a free HBO Max subscription. There are some caveats with the promotion, including the plans that are eligible for the free HBO Max, as well as the actual subscription tier that’s now available at no additional cost to both new and existing Cricket customers. Still, this can be a good way to save on the cost of both a mobile and streaming service plan.

Cricket offers multiple plans for consumers to choose from with prices starting at $30 per line, per month. The main difference between the various plans is the amount of high-speed data that’s included, with the price increasing to $60 per month for a single line with access to unlimited high-speed data and 5G.

It is those on the service’s $60 per month unlimited plan that are now being gifted a free HBO Max subscription. The deal officially goes live tomorrow (August 20) and existing subscribers can take advantage of the offer by simply downloading the HBO Max app on their preferred devices and then using their existing Cricket Wireless credentials to log in and authenticate their free subscription.

The same benefit will be on offer to those signing up to Cricket’s unlimited plan for the first time as well as those now looking to upgrade from one of the other plans to the unlimited plan. Basically, as long as a Cricket customer is signed up to the unlimited plan, they will be able to watch HBO Max shows and movies for free.

The other major limitation with the deal is the HBO Max tier. Cricket is only offering unlimited customers access to the ad-supported HBO Max plan. This ‘with ads’ tier launched in 2021 and is currently priced at $9.99 per month, resulting in a $5 monthly saving compared to the ad-free HBO Max subscription.

Besides the cheaper price and the inclusion of ads, there are some other compromises with the ad-supported version of HBO Max, including the inability to download movies and shows to watch offline as well as no access to the movies that are available to subscribers the same day they are released in theaters.

Overall, this is similar to the deal that AT&T offers some of its unlimited customers. Considering AT&T owns Cricket and HBO Max (for the time being) this is simply an extension of the existing deal to those signed up to Cricket instead of AT&T. Of course, even here there are some companies considering eligible AT&T mobile subscribers gain access to the ad-free HBO Max plan and all of its perks at no additional cost. While it remains unclear if Cricket Wireless unlimited subscribers can pay extra to upgrade from the ad-supported to the ad-free HBO Max plan, this is still be a way for existing mobile customers to save on the cost of a streaming service.

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