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25+ Christmas Movies You Can Stream For Free Right Now


Free Christmas movies 2023

While many popular Christmas movies will require a live TV plan or paid streaming service, plenty of festive content can be watched for free. In fact, here’s more than 25 Christmas movies that are currently available to stream without paying for a subscription.

Christmas movies available to watch for free

Christmas moviesWatch free on
A Christmas Carol (1951)Plex
A Christmas Carol (1984)Tubi
A Christmas in Vermont (2016)Pluto TV, Tubi
A Christmas Proposal (2008)Pluto TV, Tubi
A Gift from Bob (2020)Tubi
All About Christmas Eve (2012)The Roku Channel
A Merry Friggin’ Christmas (2014)Tubi
Bad Santa (2003)Pluto TV
Better Watch Out (2016)Pluto TV, Tubi
Black Christmas (2006)Pluto TV, Tubi
Bob the Builder: A Christmas to Remember (2001)Pluto TV
Christmas Break-In (2018)Pluto TV, Tubi
Christmas in the Heartland (2017)Pluto TV, Tubi
Christmas Time (2017)Tubi
Dead End (2003)Freevee, Tubi
Eight Crazy Nights (2002)YouTube
Exmas (2023)Freevee
Girlfriends of Christmas Past (2016)Pluto TV, Tubi
Last Holiday (2006)Pluto TV
Mercy Christmas (2017)Pluto TV, Tubi
Miracle on 34th Street (1994)The Roku Channel
Naughty & Nice (2014)Pluto TV, Tubi
The Night Before (2015)Tubi
Scrooge (1970)Plex
Scrooged (1988)Pluto TV
The Snowman (1982)Pluto TV
Stalled (2013)Tubi
Trapped in Paradise (1994)Tubi

As you may have noticed, the majority of the free-to-watch Christmas movies listed above are available to stream on Pluto TV and Tubi. These are two of the most popular free streaming services, and both offer access to a good variety of content throughout the year.

While both services allow viewers to watch without signing up for an account, creating an account might be worth it for some homes, and especially those that want to add multiple Christmas movies to a watchlist, or continue watching a festive movie at a later time.

Our top free Christmas movie picks

If unsure where to start, Scrooged is always a popular movie to watch at this time of year. This may be an old Christmas movie, but it is a classic, and one which provides a different take on the popular A Christmas Carol story. Follow along as TV exec Frank Cross encounters the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

Scrooged is available to stream for free on Pluto TV.

Looking for something a little different? Bad Santa tells the story of Willie Soke who is unlike most other shopping mall Santas. Willie doesn’t care who’s naughty or nice and would much rather be stealing from the department stores in the mall.

Bad Santa is available to stream for free on Pluto TV.

If you like a serving of horror with your holiday then Better Watch Out is another one to check out. A babysitter attempts to protect herself and a 12-year-old boy during a home invasion.

Better Watch Out is available to stream for free on Pluto TV and Tubi.

No escaping ads with these Christmas movies

While free streaming services don’t charge a monthly fee, they do tend to heavily rely on ad breaks to generate revenue. As a result, ads will be shown before and during all of the movies listed in this guide.

In our opinion, Tubi offers a lighter ad load than Pluto TV, so if you plan to watch a Christmas movie that’s available to stream through both services, we would recommend watching it through Tubi.

Regardless of where the movie is available to stream, or the ad load, the ability to watch for free is a great option for those looking to enjoy Christmas movies without having to pay for another monthly subscription.

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