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ESPN Plus Subscription Price To Increase To $9.99 Per Month



ESPN Plus is set to increase the cost of a subscription to $9.99 per month starting from next month. This is a fairly significant increase on the current cost and one that is understood to impact on all existing and new subscribers. Price increases continue to be an issue for the streaming industry and something that has become all the more common as time has gone on.

ESPN Plus only saw an increase last year. In fact, the last increase was confirmed almost exactly one year ago, on July 12, and took effect from August, suggesting the latest increase is following the exact same pattern. However, while that previous change in price resulted in a $1 per month increase, this one is far more significant

The current cost of an ESPN Plus subscription is $6.99 per month and this is expected to increase to $9.99 per month, according to Sports Business Journal. If correct, this would result in an increase of $3 per month. ESPN Plus also offers an annual plan, currently priced at $69.99 per month, and this is also expected to increase. Once the change takes effect on August 23rd, the yearly subscription will cost $99.99. At present, the ESPN Plus website has yet to be updated to reflect the change, and neither ESPN nor Disney have officially announced the price increase, although multiple outlets are reporting confirmation from an ESPN spokesperson.

At $10 per month, ESPN Plus is going to cost considerably more than it does today. However, it is still likely to be a good option for those that want access to live and on demand sports, and especially if not paying for a live TV subscription at the same time. Considering the increase is expected to take effect in late August, consumers still do have time to consider whether they want to sign up for an annual plan. Although an ESPN annual plan will require a higher payment right now, it is for the entire year. If subscribed to before August 23rd, the $69.99 would result in an average monthly price of just under $6.

Alternatively, it may also be worth considering signing up to the Disney Bundle instead. In addition to the standard ESPN Plus subscription, the Disney Bundle also provides access to Disney Plus and basic Hulu as well. This combined subscription currently costs $13.99 per month, and is not understood to be affected by the August price increase.

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