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Epson Adds an Android TV HDMI Dongle to EF-100 Laser Projector



Epson has now announced a new projector that comes running on Android TV. The Epson EF-100 was actually released in select markets last year, but the company has now confirmed the U.S. version’s release as well as the inclusion of Google’s TV-optimized platform. The announcement was made as part of this year’s CES 2020 event in Las Vegas.

The availability of Android TV has slowly been expanding to include new devices and forms. Projectors are one of those that have emerged as a popular choice for device-makers due to their use as a home theater. Epson is not the first company to release an Android TV projector, but it does claim its solution is the “first-of-its-kind” and designed to deliver the “ultimate big-screen streaming experience.”

The Epson EF-100 smart streaming laser projector utilizes 3-Chip 3LCD technology where the three chips combine to deliver vibrant and consistent imagery. The EF-100 is also capable of projecting a display of up to 150 inches with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Other notable features include:

  • MicroLaser Array Technology
  • 2,000 lumens of brightness
  • keystone correction
  • dedicated remote control with quick access buttons.

Epson’s Android TV projector is due to go on general sale in the U.S. this month and priced at $999.99. In addition, buyers have the option of selecting between a ‘white and silver’ or ‘black and copper’ colors.

Not your typical Android TV projector

While the Epson EF-100 comes running on Android TV, it does not appear to be a typical Android TV implementation. Based on the information provided by the company, this appears to be the same projector that was already available but bundled with an Android TV dongle that connects to the back of the device. For example, Epson refers to the use of Android TV as a “built-in” feature, although the product listings confirm the inclusion of an “Android TV HDMI Dongle.” As does the ‘what’s in the box’ images.

Epson EF-100 with Android TV dongle
Epson EF-100 with Android TV dongle

If this is a typical dongle-based device that simply connects to the projector via HDMI then it may also be possible to connect the dongle to other devices as well, including TVs. In either case, with Android TV in use, the Epson EF-100 will provide users with access to the Google Play Store experience and the more than 5,000 Android apps that have since been optimized for the TV.

Source: Epson

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