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Disney and ViacomCBS Primed to Take on Netflix in the Streaming Wars


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While streaming offers a way to cut the cord from the major TV companies, new data suggests the bond with some companies is only likely to be partially severed.

The so-called “streaming wars” refers to the sudden emergence of all the new streaming services from major industry names that are looking to take on the established streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. While the term “Netflix killer” has been used often, and somewhat loosely, it might not be too far from the true, and especially when it comes to Disney+.

New data from Ampere Analysis highlights how the streaming market currently looks in terms of the number of commissioned shows as of January 2020. The data includes originals in early development, as well as the pilot and series production stages. On the surface, the data indicates just how dominant Netflix currently is.

Netflix leads the race in commissioned shows
Netflix leads the race in commissioned shows

However, when the data is expanded to include the subsidiaries of Netflix’s main competitors, the results change dramatically with Netflix falling from a dominant first place to third, behind Disney and ViacomCBS, and not that far ahead of NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia.

Disney leads the race in commissioned shows
The outlook changes when factoring in subsidiaries

Netflix likely to feel the streaming war effects more than others

The reason this difference matters is the expectation that the streaming wars will result in companies pulling content from other services as a means to bolster their own. This has already started to happen with both Disney and WarnerMedia waiting for current licensing deals to end so they can add those shows back to their own streaming services as exclusives.

If the data in this latest report is correct, and the streaming wars were to take full effect, then Disney and ViacomCBS will be in a prime position to offer the most new shows via their own direct-to-consumer streaming services.

There are other factors in play here as some services have opted to take a quality over quantity approach and that’s a selling point in its own right – one that’s likely to attract subscribers when a new and quality series is released. Not to mention, this is only the current state of commissioned shows and as has already been proven, the streaming market is capable of changing rapidly.

The point of the data here is to simply highlight how the market currently stands and how some of the major TV players can take on the established streaming services by offering more shows for your subscription dollar. This would be even more relevant if those traditional players decided to start to cross-bundle and as a collective flood the market with exclusive content. Especially considering four out of the top five here are major names in the traditional pay-TV market.

Source: Ampere Analysis

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