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Disney+ Military Discount: How To Save 25% (Every Year) On A Subscription


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The Disney+ military discount provides providing eligible U.S. service members, veterans, and their families with a way to save 25% on the streaming service every year. As this discount is only available with an annual plan, and Disney only offers an annual version of its Disney+ Premium (ad-free) tier, the discount brings the cost down to around $105 a year (roughly $8.75 a month on average).

Unlike many other streaming services that offer, or previously offered, military discounts, the Disney+ military discount is exclusively available through The Exchange. Although this does mean an Exchange account is required to get the discount, it should make it easier for existing Exchange members to confirm their eligibility and sign up to Disney+.

How to sign up for a Disney+ military discount:

  1. Visit The Exchange
  2. Click Shop Now
  3. Sign in to your Exchange account
  4. Click Authenticate
  5. Enter your email address on Disney+
  6. Create a password
  7. Enter payment information

Compared to other annual plan deals, one of the added benefits of this discount is that it doesn’t expire. Unless the military member, veteran, or family member cancels their subscription, it will automatically renew each year at 25% cheaper than the then-current cost of a subscription.

However, a downside is that the discount is only available to new and returning subscribers. If already signed up to Disney+, there’s currently no way to apply the discount to a subscription. Instead, those existing subscribers will need to cancel their subscription and sign up again, and likely with a different email address as well.

There’s no Disney Bundle military discount

There is currently no option to save on the cost of the Disney Bundle with a military discount. As a result, some homes may find this discount is not the best option for them.

If, for example, a home wants ad-free access to both Disney+ and Hulu, they can sign up to the Disney Duo Premium bundle at $19.99 a month, which works out to be $239.88 over 12 months. Even though that’s $134.88 a year more than the discounted Disney+ Premium plan, the same home would need to pay an additional $17.99 each month ($215.88 over 12 months) for ad-free Hulu. This would take the total cost of both services up to around $320 for the year, roughly $80 more than the Disney Duo Premium bundle.

Even if opting for the ad-supported version of Hulu ($7.99/month), the total price over 12 months for both (ad-supported Hulu + Disney+ Premium) comes to roughly $185. For an extra $55 a year (roughly $4.50/month), the Disney Duo Premium bundle provides subscribers with ad-free access to both Disney+ and Hulu.

If only interested in Disney+, the military discount is definitely worth considering. With 25% off the already-discounted annual plan price, this discount lowers the annual cost of Disney+ Premium down to just $10 more than the Disney+ Basic (ad-supported) tier.

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