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Disney+ Adds “Log out of All Devices” Feature to iOS App


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Disney+ has now added an option to the iOS app which lets users automatically log out of all devices at the same time.

The option to log out of all devices is an important one for any streaming service as it allows for master control over the account. For example, if an account is hacked and someone else is able to access the service while a different user is paying for it, they can log out of all devices, change their password and log back in again.

Even if a user doesn’t know if they’ve been hacked, this can still be a useful security exercise, if done routinely enough.

Up until now, that’s not really been an option for Disney+ subscribers, although that’s now changing. The iOS app available from the App Store was recently updated, and as part of the changelog, Disney+ has confirmed the introduction of the new feature.

We added an extra layer of security for you. Now when you reset your email or password, you can also choose to log out of your account across all devices.

Disney+ iOS App Store

In addition, a Reddit user has also confirmed the updated feature is live on devices. Although, as the image below highlights, it can take up to four hours for additional devices with access to be logged out.

Disney iOS security feature
Source: Reddit u/lcw7323

While the feature is now live on iOS, it doesn’t appear to be available to users on other platforms yet. The Android app available from the Google Play Store, has actually received an update today, although the changelog does not indicate the added security feature is part of the update, suggesting it will roll out to Android at a later date.

Still not a perfect feature

This is likely to be a welcomed feature by users. However, it is arguably not the best way it could have been implemented. Besides the fact that it could take up to four hours to actually log out of all devices, a better option would have been for the user to be able to manually see which devices have accessed the service recently, and remove them individually.

This would not only offer more granular control over the process, but it wouldn’t also require the user to have to change their password or email address each time to clear access. For example, if a subscriber logs in somewhere else and forgets to log out again then they wouldn’t have to ask the other personal to manually log out for them.

While changing the password would be essential in the case of hacked accounts, if Disney+ added two-step verification, then subscribers would have an additional safety measure in place to ensure only devices they want accessing their paid-for account were accessing it.

Either way, and irrespective of how Disney+ might have implemented the feature, this change is a useful one in helping users take back control of their account when needed.

Source: App Store

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