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Activate a New Chromebook and Get 3 Months of Disney+ for Free



Google is currently giving away a three-month Disney+ subscription for free to Chromebook owners. Considering a Disney+ subscription typically costs $6.99 per month, this equates to an overall savings of $20.97.

As is to be expected, this is one of those offers that’s only available to new customers. This not only means new Chromebook owners, but also new Disney+ subscribers. With Disney+ already having attracted millions of subscribers, this immediately rules out a number of U.S. consumers.

Technically, interested consumers don’t have to be new to Chromebooks, they just need to have activated a new Chromebook since November 25. This promotion runs through until January 30, 2020 and so any Chromebooks purchased and/or activated before then will be eligible for the free three-month subscription.

Those eligible and interested will firstly need to redeem the promotion through the Chromebooks perks site. This needs to be done via the new Chromebook as that is how eligibility is confirmed. A promo code will then be sent to the account connected to the Chromebook which can then be used as a payment option during the Disney+ subscription sign up process.

Although this promotion is only available via a Chromebook, Disney+ can be accessed through many different platforms and devices, including smartphones, smart TVs and streaming players.

One of many Disney+ promotions

While a $21 savings over the course of three months might not be enough of a deal to go out and buy a new Chromebook, it is of benefit to those who were planning on buying one anyway.

In spite of being a new streaming service, Disney+ is already establishing its presence in the market. The service only went live on November 12 and in the limited time between then and now it has attracted millions of subscribers.

Promotions like this are a great way for companies to add new subscribers during the initial launch period and this is only one of the Disney+ promos currently doing the rounds. Verizon wireless customers are being gifted a one-year free subscription. While those traveling on a Delta flight get to watch select Disney+ content for free and the option of an extended two-week free trial.

Alternatively, those who are already Hulu and ESPN+ subscribers can now get Disney+ at a greatly reduced price by bundling the three services together. A typical Hulu subscription costs $5.99 per month while ESPN+ is priced at $4.99 per month. Together, the two services come in at $10.98 and Disney is offering the combined bundle with Disney+ for $12.99 per month.

Current Hulu and ESPN+ subscribers do not need to cancel their existing subscriptions to take advantage of the bundle.

Source: Google

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