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Disney+ Adds Hulu Content As Part Of Unified App Experience Plan


Hulu content in the Disney Plus app

The process of merging the Disney+ and Hulu app experiences is now underway in the United States following the addition of a new Hulu tile and section in the Disney+ app.

Earlier this year, Disney confirmed that more of a unified app and user experience was coming to Disney+ and Hulu. Even more recently, Disney confirmed that it had initiated the process to buy the last remaining third of Hulu from Comcast.

With that purchase now in full swing, it looks like Disney is making good on its promise of a unified experience, and this is beginning with a new Hulu section that’s now accessible from within the Disney+ app.

When users now open the Disney+ app, they should immediately notice a new Hulu banner at the top of the screen. This is in addition to a new dedicated Hulu tile that sits alongside the existing tiles for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

The Hulu title does come marked with a small Beta icon, indicating that this section is still a work in progress.

Regardless of whether accessing through the Hulu banner on the Home screen or the new Hulu title, Disney+ subscribers are redirected to a dedicated Hulu section made up of various genre and themed rows. For example, Featured, Newly Added, Hulu Originals, Adult Animation, Reality Series, True Crime, and so on.

At the moment, it remains unclear if the entire basic Hulu library is available within the Disney+ app, although a good portion of it certainly seems to be accessible. While it also remains to be seen if the updated app is available on all devices and platforms right away, we are seeing it live on different living room and mobile devices, suggesting it is a fairly wide rollout.

As a reminder, the integration of Hulu within Disney+ is not a sign that the main Hulu app is going away anytime soon. Instead, the move is designed to provide subscribers to both services with an easy way to access content from both libraries within the same app.

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