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Disney-Fox-Warner Bros. Combined Service To Simplify Sports Streaming


Disney Fox WBS sports venture

The new Disney-Fox-Warner Bros combined sports-focused streaming service will simplify the sports streaming experience, according to Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav.

The three companies involved confirmed their plan to launch a unified streaming service earlier this month. While the price and availability still remain unknown, it is confirmed that a subscription will unlock access to the sports portfolios of Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Today, during the company’s earnings call, Warner Bros. Discovery’s CEO David Zaslav explained that the streaming service will make streaming sports easier. Specifically, subscribers won’t have to worry about what channel a game is on or where it is streaming.

You’ll be able to go to this new product, this new app-based product, and if you love the baseball playoffs, you’ll watch all of them. And you’re not thinking, what channel is it on? Hockey, you’ll watch all of the hockey playoffs right through the Stanley Cup. For basketball, you’ll watch all the playoffs right through to the championships, and you will never think or ever have to Google where is it,” Zaslav said.

The ability to find content has become an increasingly common complaint among consumers, and sports is no exception considering a single league can be spread out across multiple channels and services. Even if paying for a live TV plan, it is still possible that the package won’t have access to all the different channels needed to access a specific team or league.

Thanks to a single app and interface housing many of the channels that cover many of the most popular sports leagues, Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery expect to fix this customer complaint and offer a better sports streaming experience in general.

It just has a much better, more fluid, more simple consumer experience. It’s not which channel is it on? It’s not where do I go? How do I go? Do I have it? Don’t I have it? It’s in one place,” Zaslav added.

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