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Dish Media And Philo Agree Exclusive Advertising Deal


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Dish Media has struck an advertising deal with Philo, making it possible for Dish Media’s advertisers to reach Philo’s live TV audience. Earlier this year, Philo confirmed it had reached one million subscribers, which now means Dish Media has increased its addressable footprint by more than one million households as well.

Dish Media is Dish Network’s advertising business. As Dish Network also owns Sling TV, the new deal essentially means advertisers now have the ability to reach both Sling TV and Philo audiences through the one company. This is also in addition to benefiting from the same reporting, measuring and feedback.

While Philo and Sling TV are technically competitors, Dish Network says the overlap between Philo’s subscriber base and Dish Media’s existing reachable audience (Dish TV and Sling TV) is less than 3%. Due to this, Dish argues that the deal makes it possible for advertisers to “reach a distinct set of viewers.”

We are particularly proud to be the partner of choice for Philo. It serves as a testament to the strength of our relationships, our leadership in innovation and the power of our monetization engine,” said David Antonelli, vice president, media sales, Dish Media. “Our willingness to drive mutually beneficial partnerships in an increasingly fragmented landscape has allowed us to now scale our addressable footprint by more than 1 million households, offering advertisers the opportunity to connect with Philo’s diverse and engaged audience.”

From Philo’s perspective, the deal makes it easier for advertisers to access its audience.

We realize advertisers understand the value of addressable advertising and want to simplify their experience in reaching our audience,” said Reed Barker, head of advertising, Philo. “Partnering with Dish Media, allows us to connect with advertisers through channels they value and are already investing in.”

Interestingly, the announcement also provided some demographic details on Philo’s subscriber base. For example, 51% fall within the 18-44 age range, and 54% identify as female while 46% identify as male.

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