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Discovery+ Not the Same as Discovery Go: Here’s How They Are Different


Discovery plus Discovery Go differences

Although Discovery+ and Discovery Go are both streaming services with access to similar shows, they are not the same. There are some fundamental differences between the two including the available content, the type of subscription needed, as well as the cost. Here’s a closer look at how Discovery+ is different to Discovery Go and which one you might want to try first.

Discovery+ launched in January 2021 and allows subscribers to watch a variety of shows from popular Discovery-owned networks including the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, HGTV, and ID, among others. In total the streaming service provides access to more than 55,000 show episodes through the app or website.

Discovery Go is also a streaming service app with the option to watch through the website as well. Users can stream many of their favorite Discovery Channel shows or watch live. Similar to Discovery+, Discovery Go also comes with a decent level of device support, allowing users to watch on their smartphone, tablets, laptops and smart TVs.

With the two serving similar purposes and coming with very similar names, it is understandable that there may be some confusion on the difference. However, the differences will likely determine whether Discovery+ or Discovery Go is the right service for you.

Similar content, but not identical

One of the most fundamental differences between Discovery+ and Discovery Go is the shows that are on offer. To be clear, Discovery+ offers access to greater selection of shows. The reason for this is that while both allow users to stream popular Discovery network shows, that’s where Discovery Go ends. In comparison, Discovery+ not only comes with Discovery Channel network shows, but also shows from many other networks owned by Discovery. While Discovery Go provides access to the Discovery network, Discovery+ provides access to Discovery networks.

For example, Anyone looking to stream Investigation Discovery shows will want to consider Discovery+ as that’s one of the networks included in the subscription with a wide variety of episodes on offer. In contrast, those using the Discovery Go app will also need to download the separate ID Go app to watch Investigative Discovery videos. The same is also true with Animal Planet and the Animal Planet Go app.

Besides the difference in networks, Discovery+ also comes with many shows that are exclusive to the service. As a result, these Discovery+ exclusives won’t be available to stream via the Discovery Go app or website.

Discovery+ and Discovery Go require different subscriptions

Another really fundamental difference between Discovery+ and Discovery Go is the type of subscription needed. For example, Discovery+ is a standalone product. Users can sign up to Discovery+ directly and then log in to the service and start streaming.

In contrast, Discovery Go is not a standalone service. Unlike Discovery+, Discovery Go requires the user to already have an existing live TV subscription. In addition, it also needs to be from a Discovery Go compatible TV Everywhere provider. This doesn’t necessarily mean the user needs to be subscribed to traditional TV providers like Dish and DirecTV, as many live TV streaming services are compatible including YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, and fuboTV. However, without the right live TV subscription, consumers will be unable to log in to the Discovery Go app after downloading it.

As an extension of this, the cost of Discovery+ is vastly different to the cost of Discovery Go. Although which is ultimately cheaper might depend on what other channels and networks the individual wants access to.

Price is another Discovery+ and Discovery Go difference

If only interested in watching shows from the Discovery family of networks, then the total cost of using Discovery+ can be as cheap as $4.99 per month. Those who prefer ad-free viewing can opt to pay $6.99 each month instead and remove the ads. In addition, Discovery+ is a no-contract service with the option to cancel a subscription at any time. The subscriber simply pays for the month ahead and is allowed to stream all of the content available for the remainder of the month, even if they cancel before the month ends.

As Discovery Go is tied to a live TV subscription, the option to cancel on a monthly basis may or may not be available, depending on the terms agreed with the live TV service. Furthermore, there is no option to currently watch Discovery Go without ads. As Discovery Go requires the user to have an active live TV subscription, the monthly cost is also likely to be much higher.

Of course, higher is relative. If a subscriber wants to stream shows and movies from other channels and networks, then they may be better off paying for a live TV subscription that includes the channels they want. Then using their live TV subscription credentials to access Discovery shows through the Discovery Go app.

Discovery+ Vs. Discovery Go summary

Although Discovery+ and Discovery Go are from the same company and provide access to shows from the same network, there are a number of fundamental differences between the two. The first is Discovery Go is limited to Discovery network shows while Discovery+ provides access to a variety of shows from multiple Discovery networks, including Animal Planet, HGTV, and ID.

Another fundamental difference is Discovery Go is for those who already have an active live TV subscription. In comparison, Discovery+ can be accessed by anyone directly, regardless of whether they are paying for live TV at the same time.

Overall, if a user is already paying for a live TV subscription then they may find Discovery Go is enough for them. However, they may also need to download the other ‘Go’ apps if they also want access to the additional Discovery family of networks. In contrast, Discovery+ is more of an all-in-one service that’s ideal for anyone, with or without a compatible live TV subscription.

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John Finn


16 responses to “Discovery+ Not the Same as Discovery Go: Here’s How They Are Different”

  1. Is Discovery plus has more channels than Discovery channel?

  2. Why doesn’t Discovery plus have latest episodes available? Appears that only the discovery channel has the latest episodes available 🙁

  3. discovery plus, doesn’t have all the discovery channel shows. and I don’t have any cable subscriptions.

  4. What’s the cost for Discovery Go?

    1. John Finn Avatar
      John Finn

      Discovery Go is free but it requires access to a supported live TV plan.

  5. Discovery plus needs to come out with more exclusive and original content to be worth the subscription in my opinion. I’d like to see more documentaries or exclusive series. The new Homicide Hunter & Lorraine Warren & Cecil hotel documentaries were excellent but very few. The new Scream looks promising but there’s not enough for a monthly subscription. I don’t care for most of the reality shows & can just get that on Discovery. The paranormal series are awesome but there’s not enough original content. I hope they take that into consideration to keep subscribers.

  6. I am tired of all the extra costs just to watch TV. I wanted to watch No Prep Kings so I got Discovery Plus. Still couldn’t watch the new episodes so I got rid of it all. Now I just pay for internet and watch what ever I can find on Prime or Hulu with are free for me.

  7. Can’t find out why dis plus charging me 5.64 more every month. ???? NO ANSWER , IT’S ON TOP OF already charge of 4.99. Not tax how could taxes more than the subscription. Had my card remove it then they ( discovery +) SHUT me off while I still was paying! Enough of them besides Phil o, has same stuff & worth every penny. You don’t need to buy a lot once you figure out what you get for free.

  8. I’ve been with Dish several months and have to say I am not that happy.I need learn to stream.

  9. gmichael56 Avatar

    It’s just a way to make more money, fooling us, like they are not making tons of money from us.

  10. Why is it that we have to pay more to continue watching the programs I am used to. Almost all of the shows are repeats and can not watch the the newer version of like gold rush or deadleast catch or etc. that is not fair we pay enough already!!!!

    1. I agree the cable companies and satellite companies are outrageous. Over 75% of the channels you don’t even watch.

      1. I know, I’m paying for our cable so I can get the network apps on demand and also paying for discovery plus. I’m still trying to figure out if the extra subscription to discovery + is worth it.

        1. drop the cable, get an outside antenna and buy an Amazon Firestick. Then you can get Discovery + for a monthly subscription of about $5.30. With what you’ll save on cable you should still come out cheaper. Cable companies used to always say you couldn’t get only the shows you really watch. Not anymore. If you analyze what you really want to see, you can save money.

  11. If I don’t subscribe to Discovery+ can I still watch the programs I usually watch on on regular Dish subscription? I don’t watch TV on my phone or computer.

    1. I’m finding that some of the new shows on ID are streamed on Discovery plus, not ID. Disappointing. Specifically: Evil Lives Here. True Conviction. People Magazine. I don’t find the brand new episodes on ID, just Discovery plus. I think that’s a tricky thing to do. However, you can watch those new shows on the ID Go app but you have to pay for the subscription thru Dish. I think the viewers get the shaft and are basically forced to get both

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