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Vizio SmartCast TV Users Can Finally Watch Discovery+


Discovery+ Vizio TV

Discovery+ has finally arrived on Vizio SmartCast TVs in the United States. The service had previously been confirmed as coming to the SmartCast platform, and was originally expected to arrive by September. Although that due date was missed, Vizio SmartCast TV users wanting to stream the popular service finally can.

While Discovery+ is one of the newer streaming services, it has already made its presence felt. As the home of many popular networks, it is a more robust option that offers more than just Discovery shows and videos, and the combination of networks has resulted in the service becoming popular with many consumers. However, and as a direct result of being a newer service, device support is occasionally a problem for some users.

One of those streaming device support gaps has now been plugged, thanks to Discovery+ having officially launched on Vizio’s line of SmartCast TVs. In the announcement, Discovery+ and Vizio confirm the streaming service is available just in time for users to watch all of the holiday-themed content that’s available to stream. Also, the announcement explains that SmartCast users will see a “Discover More on discovery+” dedicated carousel on the TV’s home screen. This “unique content experience” will make it easier for those less familiar with the streaming service to get a glimpse of what’s on offer by highlighting some of the popular shows and fan favorites.

The addition of Discovery+ is only one of many new services that have recently become available on the SmartCast platform. For example, both HBO Max and fuboTV support arrived back in September, increasing the number of on-demand and live TV subscription services for users to choose from. Not to mention, Vizio’s own WatchFree+ service has also been routinely receiving updates over the past year, with the most recent one adding on-demand content to the service.

For those Vizio SmartCast TV users that are new to Discovery+, the streaming service does require a monthly subscription with the ad-supported plan costing $4.99 per month. Alternatively, there is the option to upgrade to an ad-free streaming experience, which increases the monthly price to $6.99. Regardless of the plan chosen, SmartCast TV users can take advantage of a seven-day free trial to see if Discovery+ is the right service for them and their household’s needs.

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