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No Discovery+ On Vizio Smart TV? Try Amazon, AirPlay & Chromecast


Discovery+ Vizio SmartCast TV

There’s no Discovery+ app available to download on Vizio smart TVs and it remains to be seen if that’s going to change anytime soon. However, Vizio TV owners can make use of Amazon’s Prime Video Channels to access Discovery+ shows. Alternatively, AirPlay and Chromecast can also be used to stream Discovery+ from another device. While these might not be ideal solutions, they are currently the best options for watching Discovery+ on a Vizio TV.

Discovery+ brings together shows from a variety of popular networks, making it a good solution for both individuals and households. Discovery+ currently costs $4.99 per month, but there is also the option to go ad-free for $6.99 per month. However, the price and shows won’t matter much if the service cannot be accessed on the devices readily available in the home.

Generally speaking, Discovery+ offers a good level of device support, with the service available to stream on smart TVs, streaming players, mobile devices, and on other devices through a browser. With many of the most popular platforms and devices are supported, most individuals and households should find watching Discovery+ is as simple as downloading the app on their preferred device and signing up. For Vizio smart TV owners, the situation is more complicated

There’s No Vizio smart TV app

Discovery+ has yet to launch an app for Vizio’s SmartCast OS. It also remains to be seen if that’s going to change, considering Discovery hasn’t publicly announced a Vizio TV app is even in development. With no confirmation that an app is even being worked on, Vizio TV owners probably shouldn’t hold out for device support to arrive.

For reference, this is not an issue that’s specific to Discovery+, as there are other services that have yet to release an app for Vizio’s SmartCast platform, including HBO Max. While it is possible some of these missing services could launch a SmartCast app, the situation does highlight one of the main problems with using a TV brand’s first-party operating system. Speaking of which, this is also not an issue that’s specific to Vizio.

Discovery+ is also unavailable to download on LG smart TVs. In fact, unless accessing on a TV powered by either Android TV, Fire TV or Roku, then Samsung’s TV platform is the only one with an official app available. While the lack of app support essentially locks Vizio TV users out of accessing the service, Amazon might be the answer.

Discovery+ on Vizio TV with Prime Video Channels

For any Vizio TV users that are also Amazon Prime or Prime Video members, then the Prime Video app itself could be the solution. Prime Video is available on Vizio TVs and a Discovery+ subscription can be set up directly through Amazon’s Prime Video channels. Signing up to Discovery+ through Amazon allows subscribers to access and watch Discovery+ content through the Prime Video app. Essentially, removing the need for a dedicated Discovery+ app to begin with.

For those considering this as a possible solution to the lack of Vizio smart TV support, then going the Amazon route won’t cost any more than subscribing directly through Discovery+. As long as the consumer already has Amazon Prime, they can either sign up for the $4.99 ad-supported plan or the $6.99 ad-free option. This is in addition to taking advantage of the same seven-day free trial that Discovery+ offers when signing up directly.

If not subscribing to Discovery+ through the Amazon website, then the user can add the Discovery+ Prime Video Channel through the Prime Video app on the TV.

Sign up to Discovery+ through Amazon:

  1. Open Prime Video app
  2. Sign in to Amazon account
  3. Select “Channels”
  4. Select the Discovery+ Prime Video Channel
  5. Confirm subscription

Regardless of whether signing up through the Amazon website or through the Prime Video app on a Vizio TV, consumers should take notice of how to cancel Discovery+. When a subscription is created through Prime Video Channels, Amazon manages the subscription overall. This means that consumers will need to also cancel through Prime Video Channels and not through Discovery+.

Streaming Discovery+ with AirPlay and Chromecast

Owners of a device with AirPlay and Chromecast support can also use their devices to stream Discovery+ to their smart TV. For example, an iPhone user just needs to download the Discovery+ app from the App Store, sign in or sign up, start playing a video, and then tap on the AirPlay icon. From there, they just need to select the Vizio SmartCast TV to complete the connection.

Streaming to a Vizio TV using AirPlay:

  1. Download and open Discovery+ app
  2. Sign in
  3. Play a video
  4. Tap the AirPlay icon.
  5. Select the SmartCast TV

The same applies for those with an Android phone as they can just as easily use Chromecast. Simply download the mobile app from the Google Play Store, sign in or sign up, start playing a video, tap on the Chromecast icon, and then select the Vizio TV to stream to.

Streaming to a Vizio TV using Chromecast:

  1. Download and open Discovery+ app
  2. Sign in
  3. Play a video
  4. Tap the Cast icon.
  5. Select the SmartCast TV

While the AirPlay and Chromecast methods do require an additional device, they are options for those looking to stream Discovery+ on a Vizio smart TV without the help of an additional streaming player or Prime Video Channels. Not to mention, once the initial connection has been made, changing videos and even controlling the playback and volume is usually possible through the mobile app.

Discovery+ on Vizio TVs summary

Discovery+ is currently unavailable to download on a Vizio smart TV and there are no indications that’s likely to change. Unless the subscriber uses a supported streaming player, then the best option for watching Discovery+ is to sign up through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels. Providing they are already Prime or Prime Video members, it won’t cost any more to stream Discovery+ through Amazon.

Alternatively, iPhone, iPad and Mac users, can use AirPlay to stream Discovery+ to a Vizio TV. Likewise, Chromecast will work just as well for Android and Chrome browser users. Regardless of whether using AirPlay or Chromecast, once connected the devices can be used to change Discovery+ videos, playback, volume and more on a Vizio smart TV.

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