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Does Discovery+ Have Commercials? Yes, Depending On The Plan


Discovery+ with commercials

Discovery+ does have commercials, although it depends on the subscription. Like many other streaming services, Discovery+ offers more than one plan for consumers to choose from and ad breaks are one of the defining differences. Therefore, Discovery+ does have commercials, but you can pay to remove them.

Discovery+ provides access to many popular networks, including the Discovery Channel, HGTV, ID, among others. With access to multiple networks through the one app and subscription, it is a good option for anyone looking to cut the cord, or supplement their existing live TV subscription with on demand access to more of their favorite shows. As there are more than 55,000 shows available on demand, there’s plenty to watch on Discovery+.

The Discovery streaming service is available in two main plans, priced at $4.99 and $6.99 per month. Subscribers can choose which one they want to subscribe to when signing up, and they also have the option to switch between the two plans at any time. For example, if they go with the $4.99 per month plan and then suddenly feel the $6.99 subscription is more suitable, they can immediately switch, though they will need to pay the difference in price.

Likewise, subscribers can also downgrade from the more expensive plan to the cheaper option, although they shouldn’t expect to be refunded for the remainder of the billing cycle. Instead, they will retain access to the more expensive plan until their next monthly payment is due, which then will be charged at the lower rate.

Ads the main difference between Discovery+ plans

The $2 difference in Discovery+ plan prices only relates to commercials. The two plans are identical in the selection of content and general features, including the number of streams. Therefore, the only reason to pay for the more expensive plan is to get an ad-free Discovery+ experience. In all other respects, the two plans are identical.

When it comes to the cheaper plan, Discovery+ states it employs a “limited-ad” experience. Due to this, the frequency and quantity of ads won’t be to the same level consumers might associate with traditional live TV. Ads are not only shown less frequently but commercial breaks tend to be much shorter in general. Typically, they are less than one minute and tend to be shown during videos. While this isn’t always the case, subscribers to the cheaper plan should not expect to automatically be able to watch an episode without at least one commercial being shown.

Whether the lesser frequency and shorter duration is enough to skip on paying extra for the ad-free Discovery+ subscription will come down to the individual. Though many will likely find the $4.99 subscription is more than sufficient, even though it does includes ad breaks.

Verizon customers getting Discovery+ for free

One of the benefits of being a Verizon customer is that, for a limited time, they are entitled to get Discovery+ for free. With as much as twelve months of Discovery+ on offer, this is a great option to save on the cost of a subscription. Furthermore, Verizon actually provides these customers with access to the more expensive ad-free Discovery+ experience.

Therefore, if a Verizon customer is eligible for the promotion, their Discovery+ subscription won’t include ads. It is worth keeping in mind that once the discounted period comes to an end, they will automatically be converted to a paying subscriber and charged at the $6.99 per month rate.

If they then opt to downgrade to the $4.99 per month plan to save on the monthly cost, their Discovery+ subscription will change to one that does include commercials.

Discovery+ commercials summary

Discovery+ does include commercials, but it depends on the plan. Consumers going with the cheaper $4.99 per month subscription will see ad breaks, although they are limited in terms of how many are shown together and how often they are shown during each video. In contrast, those opting for the more expensive $6.99 per month plan get Discovery+ without commercials. In fact, ad breaks are the only difference between the $4.99 and $6.99 Discovery+ subscriptions.

Verizon customers who are getting access to Discovery+ for free are automatically enrolled in the more expensive ad-free experience. While the subscription is currently free, it will be charged at $6.99 per month once the discounted period ends. That’s unless the subscriber cancels or switches to the $4.99 per month plan. However, downgrading to the $4.99 per month plan will result in the subscription changing from Discovery+ without commercials to Discovery+ with commercials.

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4 responses to “Does Discovery+ Have Commercials? Yes, Depending On The Plan”

  1. My last year ran out and I have renewed it and now it has ads which it didn’t have before and it’s the same package. Don’t like it as much now

  2. Christopher Avatar

    I pay for the more expensive one and I’m still getting ads.

    1. I also pay for the more expensive plan and get ads. Not cool.

    2. Suddenly, I’m getting commercials on Edcape to the Chateau and I pay the higher fee to avoid commercials.

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