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Discovery+ Channels You Can Watch Live & How They Work


Discovery+ channels

Discovery+ channels do not work like the traditional channels many will associate with cable and live TV streaming. However, these can be a good alternative to the on demand content available through the service. Here’s an overview of how they work and which Discovery+ channels are currently available to watch live.

Discovery+ is only one of many streaming services that have launched recently. As the name suggests, the service is focused on content available through Discovery plus some of the other shows available through other Discovery networks. In total, the streaming service launched with more than 2,500 shows and 55,000 episodes ready to stream.

In terms of the price, Discovery+ costs $4.99 per month. However, this is just for the base ad-supported subscription. For anyone looking for an ad-free Discovery+ streaming experience, then the price of the subscription increases to $6.99 per month. Regardless of which plan is chosen, there’s plenty to watch, including the live channels.

Channels subscribers can watch

Discovery+ channels are a fairly new addition to the already new service. Due to this, it is expected that more channels will become available to stream over time. Until then, the current selection of channels is limited with only a few available to watch.

Available Discovery+ channels:

  • 90 Day Fiance
  • Chopped & Flipped
  • Deadly Women
  • Fixer Upper
  • Homicide Hunter
  • House Hunters
  • House Hunters Intentional
  • Property Brothers
  • Property Brothers Buying & Selling
  • Say Yes To The Dress
  • Street Outlaws

Although the list above is not that long, many of the live channels are for some of the more popular shows from the various Discovery networks. Not to mention, they do span the genres that the streaming service typically caters to, with at least one of the live channels focused on true crime, food, home improvement, and so on. Therefore, there should be at least one live channel that appeals to most Discovery+ subscribers.

How Discovery+ channels work

Consumers familiar with the Discovery Channel, HGTV, ID, and the other Discovery networks, will be used to being able to access any of the live channels and tuning in to whichever show happens to be on at the time. This is in addition to using the DVR to record the latest episodes of their favorite shows. However, Discovery+ channels don’t work in the same way.

Instead, these channels are simply show channels. That is, instead of showing different shows at scheduled times, each channel just continuously plays episodes from the same show. The shows do not vary at all and anyone tuning in to a Discovery+ channel will see episode after episode of the exact same show. While great news for fans of any of the specific shows that a Discovery+ channel is available for, these channels are not going to be a replacement for a cable or live TV streaming service’s access to Discovery Channel, HGTV, ID or any of the other channels associated with Discovery.

In addition, this also means Discovery+ subscribers cannot record any of the episodes that are currently live to watch later. Likewise, there is no option to time shift, so subscribers cannot rewind, fast-forward or even pause a live channel. There’s also no guarantee that any of the same episodes will be available to view on demand either. In this sense, the only way to guarantee that a specific episode can be watched is to tune in as it is shown live. Although, as there’s also no TV guide, there’s no real option to see what episodes are scheduled ahead of time.

Discovery+ channels summary

Discovery+ channels are not the same as the Discovery network channels that existing live TV subscribers will be used to. Instead of playing a variety of shows from the same network, each Discovery+ channel is specific to a single show. Therefore, consumers can only ever expect to see different episodes from the one show on a channel. In addition, there is no option to record any of these live channels or even check which episodes are due to be shown later.

While the selection of Discovery+ channels is currently limited to just a few, they are channels for popular shows from different Discovery networks. Furthermore, the variety of channels is likely to improve in due course, with Discovery+ expected to add more over time.

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2 responses to “Discovery+ Channels You Can Watch Live & How They Work”

  1. Yep!! Great article I agree with Terry. I had also planned to purchase Discovery+. After the good read I also opted not to bother. No Way!!
    (Blows dbl raspberries, too)

  2. Thanks for the great article! I had considered subscribing to Discovery+, but after finding out that they have NO guide available…
    AND, unlike most of the other streaming platforms, do not have DVR/cloud storage available, I have decided against it.
    I’m just supposed to GUESS when a specific show or missed episode is on? I think NOT! (blows raspberry)

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