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Save 40% On An Annual Discovery+ Ad-Supported Subscription


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Discovery+ is currently offering the option to save 40 percent on the cost of a standard subscription. Promotions like this can be a good way to test out a service for the first time over a much longer period and at a cheaper price than usual. However, these heavily discounted deals do come with their own caveats that are worth keeping in mind before signing up.

Discovery+ is a streaming service that’s likely to appeal to many members of the same home. With access to show episodes from many popular networks, including HGTV, ID, Discovery and more, Discovery+ has enough content to make it worth checking out. A standard subscription costs $4.99 per month and there is also the option to upgrade to the ad-free Discovery+ experience for $6.99 per month.

Right now, Discovery+ is offering new customers the ability to sign up to the ad-supported plan with a 40 percent discount, reducing the monthly cost down to $2.99. This is a limited time promotion available through the Discovery+ website and only applies to the first year. In other words, once the discounted period has come to an end, the cost will automatically revert to the higher price unless canceled.

The automatic change to the higher price after the first year is only one of the caveats, with another major one being the first payment. Technically, Discovery+ is not offering a reduction on the monthly cost but the option to pay annually and save on the usual price. Due to this, anyone signing up to the deal will be expected to pay $35.99 when signing up. As the billing is yearly, this also means the subscriber will be charged at the higher annual rate when the plan automatically renews.

While this higher first payment will unlock all of the content on Discovery+ for an entire year, it may not be worth it to some individuals and households. Considering the normal rate is $4.99 per month, a subscription could be started and kept for up to seven months before the discount starts to become evident. Not to mention, opting to pay monthly at the higher rate would mean the subscriber retains the ability to cancel on a monthly basis.

Essentially, if an individual or household expects to stay subscribed to Discovery+ for the full year, then the lower price makes sense and it is likely to be worth taking advantage of a deal like this. For those that are unsure if this is the right service for them, they will need to take into consideration whether they want to commit to a full year. Likewise, anyone wanting ad-free access to Discovery+ will want to skip this deal altogether.

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