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DirecTV Wants You To Know You Can Watch Live TV Without A Satellite


DirecTV Satellite-free ad featuring Bobby and Frank

DirecTV wants you to know that you can watch live TV without a satellite. While DirecTV’s satellite-free marketing campaign is new, the ability to watch without a satellite isn’t.

In addition to offering live TV packages via a satellite, DirecTV also offers the same live TV plans via the internet. On top of its DirecTV via Satellite and DirecTV via Internet options, DirecTV also offers DirecTV Stream, which is another way to get live TV delivered over the internet.

To promote its satellite-free service, DirecTV has launched a new “For The Birds” national advertising campaign starring Bobby and Frank, two pigeons who are both equally amazed and upset that homes can now stream DirecTV satellite-free.

If the voices sound familiar, that’s because Bobby is voiced by Steve Buscemi and Frank is voiced by Henry Winkler.

For the past 30 years consumers have trusted DirecTV to bring them their entertainment and sports both at home and on the go, and the launch of today’s campaign clearly illustrates that DirecTV is available today with or without a satellite dish,” said Vince Torres, DirecTV chief marketing officer. “This new campaign allows the ease of use of DirecTV to take center stage, through the humor and plight of Bobby and Frank, who are among the first to notice the change and then take a clever approach to explaining it to consumers.”

As part of the new campaign, the DirecTV website now also has a side-scrolling game where you attempt to keep a pigeon (presumably Bobby or Frank) in the air by avoiding satellites (presumably not DirecTV’s) on homes.

For those considering signing up to a DirecTV satellite-free plan, it is worth being aware of the differences between DirecTV via Internet and DirecTV Stream. Most notably, DirecTV via Internet still requires a 24-month agreement. Basically, while DirecTV via Internet offers a satellite-free live TV experience, only DirecTV Stream offers a satellite-free and contract-free live TV experience.

Another notable difference is that DirecTV via Internet typically requires the use of DirecTV’s Gemini Air device. In contrast, DirecTV Stream can easily be accessed via the DirecTV app on a variety of devices.

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