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DirecTV Stream Increases The Price Of Most Live TV Plans


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DirecTV Stream has now increased the cost of most of its plans, making the already expensive live TV streaming service a little more expensive than before. DirecTV Stream has gone through a few adjustments over the years, with even the name changing on multiple occasions. Throughout that time, the cost of a subscription has also continued to increase.

For those that remember, DirecTV Now originally offered a number of plans, including a $35 per month subscription that provided great value for money. Although the ‘Go Big’ plan at $35 per month was an introductory offer, the service did also offer a standard ‘Live a little’ subscription, also priced at $35 per month. Over the years, however, the price of the plans have gradually increased with the cheapest subscription now costing $69.99 per month.

DirecTV Stream has increased the price of its plans with only the cheapest subscription unaffected. As a result, those signed up to the Entertainment plan won’t see any difference with the price remaining at $69.99 per month. For the other plans, the increases have already been applied on the DirecTV Stream website. For reference, this is not a standard price increase across the board, but one which sees the cost increasing by either $5 or $10 per month depending on the plan.

Essentially, the Choice plan has risen to $89.99 per month, resulting in a $5 increase from the previous $84.99 per month cost. The Ultimate plan has risen to $104.99 per month, resulting in a $10 price increase from the previous $94.99 per month. Likewise, the Premier plan has risen to $149.99, also resulting in a $10 price increase from the previous $139.99 per month.

While it is good the cheapest DirecTV Stream plan has not been included in this round of price increases, the affected plans were already quite expensive compared to other live TV streaming services. Of course, DirecTV Stream does offer a lot more channels with its more expensive plans and some even include premium subscriptions at no additional cost. However, current DirecTV Stream subscribers not keen on paying any more than they already were may need to consider an alternate live TV streaming service, or downgrading to one of the lower-priced DirecTV Stream subscription tiers.

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