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DirecTV Stream Free Trial: How Long You Get And How It Works


DirecTV Stream Free Trial

DirecTV Stream provides new subscribers with a 5-day free trial. Although shorter than what some of the other live TV streaming services offer, it is still long enough to test out the service before having to pay the monthly subscription cost. A free trial is particularly useful with DirecTV Stream considering it is one of the more expensive live TV streaming services in the US.

DirecTV Stream may be a new name, but the service has been around for some time. Previously going by the AT&T, AT&T TV Now, and DirecTV Now names, the service has gone through a number of rebrands over the years with DirecTV Stream the latest. Along with the changes in branding, other areas of the service have changed over time as well, including the length of the free trial.

The standard DirecTV Stream free trial lasts five days and is available to all first-time customers. Regardless of whether signing up to the Choice, Entertainment, Ultimate or Premium plan, there is the option to test out the service for a maximum of five days before having to pay. During this period, subscribers are free to cancel the subscription without incurring any charges or fees.

Signing up to the DirecTV Stream free trial is fairly simply and not any different to how free trials for other streaming services work. Consumers can head over to the DirecTV Stream website and sign up. Alternatively, they can use one of the various supported devices to download the DirecTV Stream app, and sign up to the service (and take advantage of the same free trial) directly through the app.

How DirecTV Stream’s free trial works

Regardless of whether signing up through the website or one of the apps on a supported device, the consumer will need to provide a payment method. Although new customers can watch for free for five days, they are still required to link a method of payment to ensure uninterrupted access once the free trial comes to an end. Speaking of which, and like most streaming services, DirecTV Stream uses automatic billing. This essentially means that a subscriber will automatically be charged the cost of the first month as soon as the free trial is over.

The only way to avoid paying this charge is by manually canceling the DirecTV Stream subscription before the end of the fifth and final day. This will, of course, mean that the subscriber loses access to the service. It also means that the account used won’t be eligible for another free trial, unless part of a limited-time promotion that includes returning customers.

Another point to be aware of is premium networks. Similar to other live TV services, DirecTV Stream does offer the option to add a number of premium networks to the base live TV package. While these can be a good way to increase the channels and content on offer, these are add-ons and are charged separately. This may or may not mean premium networks are eligible for a free trial as well. Even if they are, the duration of the free trial for a premium network may be different to that of DirecTV Stream in general, or any other premium network that’s available. Each premium network add-on will therefore need to be canceled separately, and before the end of its individual free trial to avoid being charged the monthly rate.

DirecTV Stream free trial summary

All new customers signing up to DirecTV Stream are entitled to a 5-day free trial. This is irrespective of whether signing up to the cheapest Entertainment plan or the most expensive Premier plan. The ability to watch for five days without having to pay can be a good way to test out DirecTV Stream and make sure it is the right live TV service.

However, there are some caveats to be aware of before signing up. The first is that a free trial is only available to new customers and a payment method will need to be set up in advance. With automatic billing in effect, the onus is on the subscriber to cancel before the free trial ends if they want to avoid being charged. In addition, premium networks may or may not come with a free period and the length might vary depending on the add-on.

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