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DirecTV Stream DVR: How To Record Shows, Movies And More


DirecTV Stream recording scheduled

DirecTV Stream subscribers have access to an unlimited cloud DVR which allows them to record content that’s due to be shown on a live TV channel in the near future. While it is easy enough to set up a recording through the service’s live TV guide, that’s not the only way to find content and schedule recordings.

DirecTV Stream has gone through a few revisions over the years and these changes have not only affected the name, but also the channel lineup, the service in general, and what subscribers get in return for the monthly cost. One of the areas that has changed for the better, is the ability to record with DirecTV Stream’s cloud DVR.

DirecTV Stream now offers subscribers an unlimited cloud DVR, making it possible to record as many channels and videos as the subscriber or a household wants to record. Depending on when and how a consumer signed up to the service, some subscribers may find they don’t get an unlimited DVR or have to pay an additional monthly cost to upgrade to unlimited. Regardless of the exact number of hours a subscriber has access to, setting up a recording works exactly the same way.

Setting up DirecTV Stream recordings

Recordings can be made in a variety of different ways. Firstly, the live TV guide can be used to schedule a recording by navigating to any of the future listings, clicking on one, and then on the “Record” button. To record a show, movie or any other video that’s currently live, the user will either need to click on the overflow button (…) or click/swipe right, depending on the device. If accessing through the DirecTV Stream website, subscribers will need to click on the program that’s currently playing live and then on the ‘Rec’ button that’s shown at the bottom-right corner. If it’s a show episode that’s being recorded, the user will also need to confirm whether to record just the one episode or every episode in the current series.

While the live TV guide is likely to be one of the main ways a subscriber sets up recordings, it is not the only option. Another quick and easy way to set up a recording is by clicking on any of the shows or movies listed on the ‘Watch Now’ page and then on the Record button. If it’s a one-time event, such as a movie, a “Record” button will be shown. If it’s a series, then a “Record Series” button will be displayed instead. Clicking on this will then further offer the option to record “All Episodes” or “New Episodes.”

There is also the search function. Subscribers can search directly for a show or movie by name or network, click on it, and then set the recording up this way as well. If no ‘record’ option is shown on the title page when searching, then it means the title is not currently due to be shown on any of the live TV channels any time soon. However, if it is showing in the search results, then it likely also means that an on-demand version is available, removing the need to record the video to begin with.

Recording DirecTV Stream summary

DirecTV Stream provides subscribers with multiple ways to set up a recording. The live TV guide, the Watch Now tab, and the general search feature can all be used to find show episodes, movies, and other content to record. Which method is best will depend on the user and the video. For example, the live TV guide and Watch Now tab can be good ways to find recordings that are happening right now or in the very near future, while the search button might be the better option if unsure when an episode or movie is due to be shown live or on which channel.

For reference, there are some limitations and restrictions that can impact on the recording experience. For one thing, only a maximum of 30 episodes of a series can be stored at the same time. Likewise, with a lack of support for profile, there’s no way to ensure a household member only sees the recordings that they’ve scheduled. Still, compared to previous versions, the current DVR offered by DirecTV Stream is the best one to date, and is likely to further improve as time goes on.

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2 responses to “DirecTV Stream DVR: How To Record Shows, Movies And More”

  1. I didn’t realize DirecTV Streaming had the limitations it does prior to switching from Uverse. 1. Can not add time to a scheduled recording (additional 5, 15, 30 minutes etc) 2. Can not record a show from the beginning after it’s already started. Extremely disappointed to discover this as I often record shows on an ad-hoc basis, spur of the moment and can no longer do so 3. Can’t sort through recordings in any way 4. There is no indicator on the set-top box that something is being recorded while it’s recording. To say that I’m unhappy with the recording functionality is an understatement.

  2. It would be nice to have the ability to edit how many shows the records Max. So instead of your max of 30 I’d like to lower it to 10 or 20

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