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How To Delete DirecTV Stream Recordings And Manage The DVR


DirecTV Stream Delete Recording mobile

DirecTV Stream subscribers get access to a cloud DVR that makes it easy to record live TV and watch the recordings at a time that suits them. Setting up a recording is easy enough but it is worth subscribers getting up to speed on how to self-manage their DVR, including deleting recordings when they are no longer needed. Managing the DirecTV Stream DVR is possible on most devices that are compatible with the live TV service.

For some individuals and households, DirecTV Stream’s channel lineup is likely to be a better match for their needs. For others, the various additional benefits and perks might make a DirecTV Stream subscription a better choice over one of the other live TV streaming services. Regardless of the reason, getting used to the way recordings work in general and the various limitations of the cloud-based DVR can help to maximize the experience. This can be particularly important in busier households where multiple people are sharing the same live TV subscription.

The general management and the cloud DVR experience is likely to be fairly familiar to anyone that is switching from a competing service. When launching the DirecTV Stream app on a streaming player or accessing the service through the website, the home screen includes a ‘My Library’ tab which houses all of the subscriber’s recordings. This section is not only home to recordings, but also videos that the subscriber has bookmarked. Unlike YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream doesn’t currently offer any support for profiles, so recordings made by all household members are stored and accessed in the same list. This alone can be a good reason to be familiar with how to delete recordings. For reference, DirecTV Stream only keeps recordings for a maximum of nine months. After this 9-month period has come to an end, the service will automatically delete videos, and this is irrespective of whether the videos have been watched or not.

Deleting DirecTV Stream recordings

The DVR section is positioned above or before the bookmarked section, depending on the device, and displays some of the more recent recordings that have been made. As to be expected, recordings are grouped together where applicable, such as multiple episodes from the same show. On some supported devices, there will be an All Recordings button that can be clicked to access a vertical list of all of the recordings. On other devices, all of the recordings will automatically be visible shown in the DVR section and without having to click on any other buttons, as shown below.

DirecTV Stream DVR
DirecTV Stream website (desktop)

The All Recordings section is also the location where the user can delete a recording. If using a TV or steaming player app, the user can simply click right and then on the trash can icon next to a recording to delete it. Recordings can also be deleted by clicking on the recording and then on the ‘Delete Recording’ button. If accessing through the DirecTV Stream website, the subscriber can hover over a recording and click on the small trash can icon that appears in the top right corner. Alternatively, they can also click on the recording and then on the Delete Recording option. If using the mobile app, the subscriber can delete a recording by tapping on the recording and then on Delete Recording.

DirecTV Stream Delete Recording mobile app
DirecTV Stream mobile app

If deleting the video via the website or a streaming player app, the user will see a brief notification confirming the deletion has taken place. This notification also includes an ‘undo’ button making it possible to cancel the deletion if needed. When deleting videos via the mobile app there is no such notification. Instead, subscribers are presented with a secondary confirmation screen requiring the user to tap on either ‘Yes, Delete’ or ‘Don’t delete’ as shown in the image at the top of this article.

Subscribers can also check for recordings that are scheduled to happen in the future by clicking/tapping on the ‘Upcoming Recordings’ button (or tab on some devices). Once clicked/tapped, a new vertical list of the scheduled recordings will be shown. On some devices a trash can will be visible and this can be clicked/tapped to unscheduled the recording. Alternatively, DirecTV Stream subscribers can click on any of the upcoming listings and then on the ‘Cancel Recording’ button to stop the episode or movie from being recorded. For reference, scheduled recordings only show up in this section two days before they’re scheduled to be shown live.

Manage DirecTV Stream’s DVR summary

DirecTV Stream does provide access to an unlimited cloud DVR, which means subscribers don’t technically have to worry about deleting recordings. Not to mention, recordings are automatically deleted after nine months. However, taking an active approach to managing recordings can help to keep the DVR clean and easier to navigate in general, and this can be especially beneficial in homes where multiple people might be making multiple recordings each.

How a recording is deleted can vary from device to device, although all supported devices tend to offer a delete button when clicking or tapping on the recording. It is also possible to cancel scheduled recordings in the same way by accessing the page used to schedule the recording and then clicking or tapping on cancel.

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