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Yes, DirecTV Stream Has Bally Sports But Plans Are Not Cheap


DirecTV Stream Bally Sports

DirecTV Stream subscribers can watch Bally Sports but only if they are signed up to the right plan. Although Bally Sports channels used to be somewhat widely available through streaming services, that has changed over time. Nowadays, DirecTV Stream is the only real option to watch Bally Sports through a live TV streaming service.

DirecTV Stream has gone through multiple rebrands over the past few years. Starting out life back in 2016 as DirecTV Now, the service went on to become AT&T TV Now, then AT&T TV, before eventually being rebranded as DirecTV Stream. The channel lineups and the cost have also changed over time as well. In spite of the changes, the service does still tend to offer more channels than other major live TV streaming options.

Unlike many of the other services, DirecTV Stream does provide consumers with a wide choice of plans. In total there are four main packages to choose from with the different plans not only varying on price but also on the channels included. Bally Sports is no exception here, as DirecTV Stream only provides access to regional sports networks with its Choice, Ultimate and Premier plans. As RSNs are excluded from the Entertainment plan, the cheapest package that includes Bally Sports costs $89.99 per month.

This price is considerably more expensive than what most other live TV streaming services charge, but with access to more than 90 channels, the lineup may suit some homes better than other live TV services, and that’s certainly the case for those looking to stream Bally Sports. It is, however, worth keeping in mind that access to RSNs through DirecTV Stream are not available in all locations and can vary by as little as the ZIP code. The DirecTV Stream website does provide an option to search by ZIP code to see exactly which channels are available in a given area before signing up, including regional sports networks and local channels.

Limited choice for Bally Sports (for now)

While the option to stream Bally Sports as part of a live TV plan is fairly limited today, that wasn’t always the case. Previously, multiple live TV streaming services carried the channels making it easier for consumers to choose a plan that better suited their individual needs and budget.

Over time, many of those services dropped the various Bally Sports channels after failing to agree a new deal. Sling TV was the first, but fuboTV, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV also dropped them as well. While it is not unheard of for a service to re-add a channel previously dropped, it currently seems unlikely that any of these live TV streaming services will add Bally Sports back in the future.

In spite of a lack of options being available, things could change in the near future. At least for some sports fans. Bally Sports is understood to be planning to launch a standalone subscription option later this year. Once available, it will be possible to subscribe directly to Bally Sports without having to be subscribed to a live TV service, streaming or otherwise. Again, this will likely be limited to certain areas and teams, so it might not be a solution for everyone.

Bally Sports on DirecTV Stream summary

DirecTV Stream subscribers can watch their local Bally Sports channel as long as they are subscribed to one of the service’s more expensive plans. DirecTV Stream only includes RSNs with its $89.99 per month Entertainment, $104.99 per month Ultimate and $149.99 per month Premier plans. In other words, those signed up to the cheapest $69.99 Entertainment plan will need to upgrade to one of the other packages if they want access to Bally Sports.

Although DirecTV Stream does carry RSNs, including Bally Sports, this is not the case in every location. The exact channel lineup is determined by ZIP code and consumers will need to verify that DirecTV Stream offers their local RSNs by checking their ZIP code before signing up. Outside of DirecTV Stream, the option to watch Bally Sports channels is largely nonexistent, although that is likely to change with the launch of a standalone subscription option later in 2022.

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