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DirecTV Now Allows Satellite Customers To Opt Out Of Local Channels


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DirecTV now allows new and existing satellite customers to opt out of local channels. This is an interesting move by the company and one which could help some homes to save on the cost of their live TV package.

Essentially, DirecTV will now provide customers who opt out of their local stations with the equivalent of a $12 a month discount, a maximum of $140 over the course of a full year. Further adding to the choice, customers can opt back in whenever they like. For example, opt out of their local channels during the months when they are less likely to watch programming and opt back in again when the TV schedule is more exciting.

For those interested in testing this change out, DirecTV says the new option is available beginning today. While new customers can choose their configuration when signing up online, existing DirecTV satellite customers currently need to call customer service to make the change to their package configuration. This is only a temporary situation for existing customers, as DirecTV says the ability to make these changes online will become available soon.

Consumers have been voting with their wallets for years that pay TV – as currently constructed – is too expensive and restricts their choices,” said Rob Thun, DirecTV chief content officer. “Our new ‘No Locals’ package enables customers to take an important step forward in culling out certain types of content they may no longer care to watch and better balance the price they are willing to pay.”

In explaining why the change was made, DirecTV cited an American Television Alliance survey which found that “80% of consumers say they are looking for greater choice and more modular programming options.” The company also referenced Nielsen data which points to a 40% viewership decline in national broadcast network content since 2015.

DirecTV also added how consumers now have more options than ever to access local programming and content, including “subscription streaming services that are often cheaper than local station fees.”

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