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Did You Know Fubo Offers A 30-Second Fox Sports Free Preview?


Fubo FS1 Preview

Fubo offers a 30-second free preview of Fox Sports 1. While 30 seconds is unlikely to be long enough to decide whether Fubo is the right live TV streaming service, it is still an interesting feature to be aware of.

Fubo has always been focused on sports, so it is not totally surprising that the new free preview is of FS1. Speaking of which, both Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are available with all of Fubo’s live TV packages, including the cheapest Pro plan.

No sign-up or account is required to check out the free preview, which shows whatever is currently live on FS1. Interestingly, those watching the free preview do have the option of pausing the live feed, as well as muting or unmuting the volume. Once playback resumes, the 30-second timer will continue to count down.

Once the time is up, Fubo then prompts the viewer to sign up to continue watching, along with the tease of a free trial. On this point, Fubo has recently been somewhat playing with its free trial period, so while most subscribers should be offered 7 days free, some may find they are offered a shorter free trial.

If opting to sign up to keep watching, new subscribers will need to choose between the three main English-language packages. Pro currently costs $79.99 a month, Elite costs $89.99 a month and Premier costs $99.99 a month. It should be noted these are the minimum prices as Fubo also charges a regional sports fee in many areas and this fee can increase the monthly price by as much as $15, depending on the number of RSNs available in that location.

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