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Crunchyroll App Now Available To Download On LG Smart TVs


Crunchyroll animation displayed on an LG TV

The Crunchyroll app is now available to download on LG smart TVs, providing fans of the anime streaming service with another way to access the large library of content. The app is not only available on LG TVs in the U.S. from today, but on LG TVs in many other countries as well.

As is the case with any app on an LG TV, Crunchyroll can now be installed on a compatible smart TV through the LG Content Store. After downloading the app, users can expect access to a library of over 46,000 episodes and movies, 3,300 Japanese music videos and more. The LG TV app also comes with subtitle and dub options for more than 12 languages.

Crunchyroll has been on a bit of a device support expansion recently, with LG smart TVs marking the second major device support expansion in the past month alone. Earlier in February, the app also became available on Samsung smart TVs. This was also following the availability of Crunchyroll through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels late last year.

Shortly before Crunchyroll became available through Prime Video Channels, the service also launched a dedicated 24/7 FAST channel on various free streaming services, including Amazon Freevee, LG Channels, The Roku Channel, and Vizio WatchFree+.

For those without access to an LG or Samsung smart TV, the app can also be downloaded on Apple TV, Apple TV (including Google TV), Fire TV and Roku devices. The Crunchyroll app can also be downloaded on mobile and gaming devices as well.

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