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Cineverse Unveils AI Discovery Tool Featuring ‘Ava’ The Movie Concierge


Cineverse's new cineSearch feature and Ava virtual assistant

Cineverse is launching a new AI-powered cineSearch discovery tool in an attempt to help users more easily find content to watch. The new search and discovery feature was created using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search.

According to Cineverse, the new search and discovery tool makes use of “the first proprietary movie industry-specific AI model” and one that has been “specifically tuned with an extensive set of metadata.” In other words, the AI model has been built using a wide enough variety of metadata that it can understand many additional search parameters and details, including theme, tone, mood, setting, music score, plot, micro-genre, and more.

cineSearch will make its debut on the Cineverse streaming platform in Spring 2024. In the meantime, Cineverse has launched a new website where users can register their interest in cineSearch and officially join the waitlist for the public beta.

Along with cineSearch, Cineverse confirmed that it will be making available Ava, the company’s new “artificial intelligence-based video advisor.” Essentially, Ava acts as a movie concierge and is the user-facing side of cineSearch. It also looks like Ava will be able to search well beyond Cineverse’s streaming service border, with the suggestion that Ava can recommend titles available on other services, and even provide direct links to those titles.

Effective search and discovery is currently the most pressing problem for users of streaming services today,” says Tony Huidor, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer of Cineverse. “We first developed cineSearch as an answer to our own problem. Using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, we now have the ability to expand this feature well beyond our initial expectations. We feel this is a great example of leveraging the power of AI to not only create better user experiences, but to also help aid in the discovery of great films that fans may not have otherwise found.”

While initially destined for the Cineverse streaming platform, the company has indicated that the larger goal is to make cineSearch more widely available by licensing the technology out to other operating systems and platforms in the future.

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