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Cineverse Is Giving Bob Ross Fans A 4K Upgrade And New Gallery Collection


Bob Ross shows on Cineverse

Cineverse is expanding its Bob Ross universe through the launch of a new Bob Ross Gallery Collection. In addition, Cineverse is also planning to offer episodes of The Joy of Painting in 4K for the first time.

According to Cineverse, The Bob Ross Channel has become its most successful FAST channel to date, generating more than half a billion views and 840 million ad impressions, as of February 2024. It is the popularity of the FAST channel that has now lead to the remastering and new series.

In terms of the 4K upgrade, it looks like that will take some time to become available. In the meantime, Cineverse is now offering the first season of the show remastered in 1080p, with plans to roll out the remaining seasons in the months to come.

It’s like Bob is in the room with me,” said Joan Kowalski, President of Bob Ross Inc., upon seeing the series in HD for the first time. “Bob was a huge dreamer, but I don’t believe even he would have dreamt the show could look this vibrant and fresh!

For those looking for a new way to consume Bob Ross content, the new Gallery Collection is due to roll out next quarter. Once available, Bob Ross fans will be able to immerse themselves in twelve episodes featuring different paintings. Each 24-minute episode focuses on a specific theme and is accompanied by original music that’s designed to further accentuate the theme’s mood.

The Bob Ross fan base has grown exponentially over the four decades since ‘The Joy of Painting’ premiered. It is a privilege for us to help extend his legacy by offering new ways for viewers to discover the show and learn of Bob’s artistry,” said Tony Huidor, Cineverse’s COO and Chief Technology Officer. “The success of The Bob Ross Channel is indicative of the lasting impact Bob made on our culture. We are honored to restore his entire television series in high-definition for the first time and to extend the reach of his art into living rooms once more through the creation of The Bob Ross Gallery Collection.”

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