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How To Cancel YouTube TV On An iPhone


YouTube TV iPhone

YouTube TV subscribers can cancel their subscription on an iPhone, but it’s not quite as easy as on other devices. However, this should not come as too much of a surprise and especially for those that might have tried to originally set up their YouTube TV subscription on an iPhone. Either way, the account can easily be canceled, it just takes a couple of extra steps.

YouTube TV does come with a good selection of channels and premium features, but it is also one of the more expensive live TV streaming services around. For some, it may prove to be too expensive when compared to the competition. For others, changes to the channel lineup may mean the service is no longer suitable for an individual or household. Whatever the reason, a YouTube TV subscription can be canceled on a number of different devices, although the process can vary to some degree depending on the device being used.

The iPhone is a prime example of this. While YouTube TV can be downloaded on an iPhone (or an iPad) from the App Store, it is not as feature rich as the app available to download on Android or on other platforms. For example, new users cannot sign up to YouTube TV directly through the iOS app and this also means those same users cannot cancel the live TV service directly through the app either. Due to this, the key to canceling YouTube TV on an iPhone is to use the mobile web browser.

Canceling YouTube TV on an iPhone

As the iPhone app does not include the option to cancel a subscription, the user will need to go through a web browser to access the account management settings and complete the process. To do this, simply open Safari, Chrome or whichever browser is used on the iPhone and then complete the following steps.

  1. Visit the YouTube TV website
  2. Tap on the menu icon
  3. Tap on ‘Sign In’
  4. Sign in using the same login details used for the iPhone app
  5. Select the profile photo (top right)
  6. Tap on Settings
  7. Tap on Membership
  8. Select “Pause or cancel membership”
  9. Tap on Cancel membership
  10. Confirm the cancelation

Although this is far less convenient than simply opening the app and accessing the same settings menu, this is currently the only way to cancel a YouTube TV subscription on an iPhone. If the user already has the app installed on other, non-Apple devices, then it may be possible to use the alternative app to cancel YouTube TV.

After canceling YouTube TV on iPhone

It is worth being aware that once the user cancels their YouTube TV subscription on an iPhone, the subscription does not automatically end. The cancellation is registered and the subscriber won’t have to worry about being billed again, but as they’ve already paid for a full billing cycle, they will still be able to access live TV and the on-demand content for the remainder of the paid period. Therefore, while it may look like the service hasn’t been canceled, it has, and this can be checked at any time by heading to the same section of the settings used to cancel.

As for when the cancellation will take full effect, this depends on the individual situation. YouTube TV charges customers monthly based on when they signed up within the month and following any free trial period. Therefore, their full cancellation date will depend on the day of the month they are normally charged each month. Speaking of free trials, if canceling YouTube TV while still within a free trial period, then the cancellation will take effect immediately. As the subscriber has not paid for the service yet, YouTube TV is not obligated to wait until the free trial was originally supposed to end.

Of course, canceling YouTube TV won’t actually remove the application from the iPhone. Therefore, once the subscription has been canceled, and the billing cycle has come to an end (or the user doesn’t intend on watching any more live TV or on-demand content), they will need to manually uninstall the YouTube TV app from their iPhone just like they would any other app.

Cancel YouTube TV on iPhone summary

YouTube TV subscribers can cancel their subscription on an iPhone, but not directly through the iOS app. The iPhone app does not offer as many features as the Android equivalent and this means the subscriber will need to visit the YouTube TV website via a mobile browser to complete the cancelation process on an iPhone. Once on the website and signed in, the option to cancel can be located under the Membership section of the settings.

After the subscription has been canceled, the user will still have access to live TV, on-demand and DVR recordings for the remainder of the current billing cycle. When this cycle ends will depend on when the subscriber originally signed up and when they usually make their monthly payment. After canceling and the billing cycle has come to an end, the user will still need to manually delete the YouTube TV app from their iPhone.

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