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How To Cancel Sling TV (Or Hit The Subscription Pause Button)


cancel Sling TV

It is fairly easy to cancel a Sling TV subscription and there is also an option to pause a membership instead. There are some differences between a canceled and paused Sling TV subscription, so choosing the right one will depend on a variety of factors. Irrespective of whether choosing to cancel or pause, the subscriber won’t have to worry about making the next payment.

Sling TV is a great choice for those who want to continue accessing live TV, but don’t want to pay as high of a monthly rate as some of the other services. For example, while YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month, DirecTV Stream Hulu Live TV and fuboTV all charge a minimum of $69.99 each month. In contrast, a Sling TV subscription starts from as little as $35 per month, making it almost half the price of many of the other popular services.

Of course, the lower price does come with some compromises and some Sling TV subscribers simply may find the channel lineup not quite to their liking, or the features not quite what their household needs. In these instances, it is fairly easy to cancel a Sling TV subscription, although it is worth noting that subscribers can only cancel through the Sling TV website. There is currently no option to cancel Sling TV on a smart TV, streaming player, or any other compatible device when using the app.

To cancel Sling TV, subscribers will need to access their account using a browser on a desktop, smartphone, tablet or another browser-supported device.

How to cancel Sling TV

  1. Visit Sling TV website
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’ (top right corner)
  3. Sign in with email and password
  4. Click on the profile icon (top right corner)
  5. Select ‘Manage Account’
  6. Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ (under Your Subscription)
  7. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ again to confirm
  8. Select a reason for canceling
  9. Click ‘Continue Cancel’
  10. Click ‘Confirm Cancellation’

Generally speaking, the instructions above work for both desktop and mobile browsers, although they may vary slightly depending on the device. For example, if using a mobile browser, the subscriber will need to tap on the menu button before seeing the option to ‘Sign in.’ They will also likely need to tap on ‘My Account’ instead of ‘Manage Account’ before they see the option to cancel.

Once the subscription has been canceled, the cancelation doesn’t take immediate effect. To explain, unless taking advantage of a Sling TV free trial, the subscriber will have already paid for the month ahead. Due to this, they are able to continue using the service for the remainder of the billing period. It is only when that paid period has come to an end that the subscription is actually canceled, and this date will depend on when the individual subscriber started paying for the service. The real cancelation date can be checked in the same ‘Manage Account’ section used to cancel the service.

Want to pause Sling TV instead?

While Sling TV subscribers can cancel a subscription by following the instructions above, there is also the option to pause a subscription. Whether it is to save on the monthly cost, to test out an alternate live TV service, or to simply hold off on paying until the next big show drops, pausing a subscription might be a better option for some individuals and households.

Once in a paused state, the Sling TV subscriber is no longer billed until the pause has been lifted again. Subscribers can pause Sling TV for either one, two, or three months. After this time, the service will automatically activate again and the subscriber will be charged their usual rate. For those considering pausing, the process is almost identical to canceling.

How to pause Sling TV

  1. Visit Sling TV website
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’ (top right corner)
  3. Sign in with email and password
  4. Click on the profile icon (top right corner)
  5. Select ‘Manage Account’
  6. Click on ‘Pause Subscription’ (under Your Subscription)*
  7. Choose the pause duration
  8. Confirm the pause

*If the option to Select ‘Pause Subscription’ is not shown under Your Subscription then simply click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and then on ‘Pause Subscription’ when prompted by Sling TV. If the option is still not shown, then the ability to pause might not be available. This is likely to be the case when signing up to an annual plan, if the subscription is part of a pre-pay bundle, or if using BitPay as a payment method. Starting a subscription on certain devices can also result in the pause option being unavailable.

One of the benefits of pausing a subscription is that the subscriber is able to stop the next payment (or three), but retain all of their settings and preferences. This even includes any cloud DVR recordings that have been made. However, it is worth noting the DVR recordings are only kept if the pause is for one month. If opting for two or three months, the DVR recordings will immediately be lost. It is also worth noting that the pause doesn’t take immediate effect. Similar to when canceling, the pause will begin at the start of the next billing cycle, which will depend on the individual subscription.

Cancel Sling TV summary

Sling TV makes it easy to either cancel or pause a live TV subscription. While subscriptions cannot be paused or cancelled through any of the Sling TV apps, current subscribers can do either by accessing the ‘Manage Account’ section of the Sling TV website. For those who want to temporarily stop the Sling TV monthly payments, or take some time to try another service, the pause option might be the better solution. However, for those that feel they are done with the service, then canceling now is probably the best option.

Regardless of whether canceling or pausing, subscribers still retain access to Sling TV for the remainder of the current billing cycle. Consumers can check the exact date the subscription will end by accessing the same ‘Manage Account’ section of the Sling website. If choosing to pause, then it might be worth taking note of when the pause status is due to end, to avoid subscription payments starting up again if they no longer plan on using Sling TV.

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