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Time to Cancel Philo? Here’s How on Mobile, Roku, Fire TV & Web


Cancel Philo

It is fairly simple to cancel Philo, although the method does vary depending on the platform and device. Regardless of whether ending a subscription through the main Philo website, via a mobile app, or through a Roku or Fire TV streaming device, Philo can be cancelled quickly and easily.

Philo is a great streaming service for those who want access to a selection of live TV channels but don’t want to pay the ever-increasing prices associated with live TV streaming. After all, Philo costs just $25 per month. In return for that price, subscribers get access to a good selection of channels. For some, however, the channels may not be substantial enough to justify the monthly cost.

For current Philo subscribers that no longer feel it is the right streaming service for them, then here’s how to cancel. While this guide covers multiple ways to cancel a subscription, the web browser method is a good place to start, considering that’s an option available to all users regardless of the device they actually stream Philo on.

How to cancel Philo: web browser

With the website available to everyone, using a web browser is arguably the easier way to cancel a Philo subscription overall.

Philo web
Source: Philo

The process can be completed via a home computer or laptop, or using a smartphone or tablet and the mobile web browser. The instructions are also the same regardless of which device is used to access the web browser.

Cancel Philo web browser instructions:

  1. Visit Philo website
  2. Sign in if needed
  3. Click on the Account page (direct link)
  4. Select “Cancel my account” (located at the bottom)
  5. Click “Cancel subscription”

How to cancel Philo: Roku

Roku has proven to be one of the more popular streaming platforms around, thanks to its constantly evolving ecosystem and variety of devices and players. As a result, a device powered by Roku is likely to be a common route used to cancel a streaming service, including Philo.

Philo on Roku
Source: Philo

As Roku operates slightly differently to some other platforms, whether a Philo subscriber can actually cancel on a Roku player will come down to who they pay for the subscription. For those who pay Philo directly, they’ll have to cancel through the service’s website by following the instructions in the last section. In contrast, those who have signed up for, and pay the Philo monthly subscription through Roku Pay can cancel directly on their Roku device.

Cancel Philo Roku instructions:

  1. Press the ‘Home’ button on the Roku remote
  2. Navigate to the Philo app
  3. Press the ‘star’ button on the Roku remote.
  4. Select “Manage subscription”
  5. Click “Cancel subscription”
  6. Click “Cancel subscription” once more
  7. Select “Done” when finished

How to cancel Philo: Fire TV

Similar to Roku, Amazon Fire TV is another hugely popular streaming platform in the US, and again thanks to a constantly improved ecosystem and the variety of Fire TV players. Also similar to Roku, Amazon provides Fire TV users with the option to subscribe to services like Philo directly through Amazon’s own billing system. Therefore, users who subscribe and pay Philo directly will need to cancel their subscription through Philo using the web instructions above.

Philo Fire TV
Source: Philo

For those who subscribe through Amazon, they can cancel their Philo subscription through their Amazon account. However, cancelling a subscription through Amazon is not actually possible on the streaming device. Instead, users have to do it through Amazon’s website.

Cancel Philo Fire TV instructions:

  1. Visit Amazon
  2. Click on the ‘Menu’ icon in the top-right corner
  3. Sign if is needed
  4. Scroll down and select “Appstore for Android”
  5. Click “Your Apps and Subscriptions”
  6. In the “Manage” box on the right, select “Your Subscriptions” (direct link)
  7. Locate Philo
  8. Select “Turn off auto-renewal” from the drop-down menu
  9. Click “Turn off auto-renewal” again

How to cancel Philo: iPhone (& iPad, Mac, Apple TV)

If primarily accessing Philo on an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or through Apple TV, and paying for the subscription through Apple, cancelling a Philo subscription is no different to cancelling any other subscription that’s billed through Apple.

Philo iOS iPhone iPad
Source: Philo

However, the exact method can vary depending on the Apple device used, and the option to cancel Philo might not be available on some older devices.

Cancel Philo iPhone & iPad instructions:

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app
  2. Tap on name
  3. Select “Subscriptions”
  4. Locate Philo
  5. Tap “Cancel Subscription”

Cancel Philo Mac instructions:

  1. Open the ‘App Store’ app.
  2. Click name at the bottom of the sidebar or use the sign-in button
  3. Select “View Information” at the top
  4. Scroll down to ‘Subscriptions” and click “Manage”
  5. Click “Edit” next to Philo
  6. Select “Cancel Subscription”

Cancel Philo Apple TV instructions:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click “Users & Accounts”
  3. Select correct account
  4. Click “Subscriptions”
  5. Locate Philo in the list
  6. Click “Cancel Subscription”

Note: Owners of an Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier may find they are unable to cancel directly on their device. Instead, they will need to cancel the subscription using the iPhone and iPad instructions above.

What to expect after cancelling Philo

Regardless of which platform or device is used to cancel a subscription, the most important thing to be aware of is that the subscriber’s access doesn’t automatically end the moment they hit the cancel button.

As this is a paid in advance streaming service, subscribers retain access to Philo for the remainder of the current billing cycle. This date will inevitably vary by user and depending on when they first signed up to the service. In the meantime, subscribers will be able to continue streaming live TV and on-demand videos through Philo.

For those specifically interested in knowing the exact date that access will be revoked, the information can be found in the ‘Billing History’ section of the account page.

Cancel Philo subscription summary

Philo is an affordable way to access select live TV channels and content. However, it may not be a suitable service for everyone. For those who find it is not the right streaming service for them, cancelling a subscription is easy to do through the account section.

The main thing to be aware of when cancelling Philo is who the subscription is billed by. If it is charged by Philo, then the subscriber will need to cancel directly through Philo’s website. In contrast, if the subscription is billed through a third-party, including Amazon, Apple, and Roku, then the subscription will need to be cancelled through the respective third-party.

Regardless of how a subscription is ended, consumers are able to continue streaming Philo content up until the end of the current billing cycle.

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