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BrightLine Launches StreamLine To Make It Easier To Deploy Ads Across Streaming Platforms


A BrightLine example of how ads on TV can include quizzes to offer a more interactive ad experience.

BrightLine today announced the launch of StreamLine, a self-service and automated way for advertisers to design, build, and publish interactive and dynamic ad experiences across multiple streaming platforms.

BrightLine already works with many streaming services to provide advanced ad experiences to subscribers and users. Just this week, for example, Allen Media Group confirmed it has partnered with BrightLine to bring Frame ads to The Weather Channel, Local Now and HBCU Go connected TV apps.

While BrightLine‘s ad products are already served across a number of platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Samsung smart TVs and Vizio TVs, StreamLine is designed to make it even easier for advertisers to quickly add support and deploy ad experiences across many of these platforms.

Essentially, instead of having to create custom interactive ad units for each streaming platform, StreamLine makes it possible to create interactive ad units for multiple platforms at the same time, reducing the time it takes to deploy ads and the costs involved.

StreamLine is also only the first of several new, automated self-service tools the company plans to launch in 2024.

Brands are increasingly feeling the pressure to capitalize on the burgeoning streaming TV landscape while maximizing the value of every impression. This trend is fueling the demand for our data-driven, interactive, and dynamic advertising formats, which deliver a more impactful advertising experience,” said Jason McGowan, VP Engineering at BrightLine. “These new automated design tools come at the perfect time to support surging demand and scale, both here and abroad.”

According to BrightLine, StreamLine is already in use in Latin America, India, Australia, and plans are in place to announce availability in other locations soon.

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