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Bally Sports Plus Now Live, But Only In Select Markets


Bally Sports+

Bally Sports Plus is now live for those that want direct streaming access to local live sports. Although the new subscription service has launched, it is only a soft launch, so not everyone will be able to use the service to access their local sports channels and teams. If in a supported area, subscribers can expect access to pre and postgame shows, original programming, and live games.

The Bally Sports Plus subscription has been in development for some time now and it is a service that many consumers have been waiting on. The reason for this is simply the increased difficulty in actually accessing Bally Sports channels through the usual live TV streaming services. The new subscription is specifically designed to overcome this hurdle by providing consumers with direct access to their local Bally Sports channels through a standalone service.

The new Bally Sports Plus service is currently only available in Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Milwaukee and Tampa Bay. The full launch is expected to take place in the fall of 2022, at which point the service will become available to sports fans in all Bally Sports markets. Those in one of the currently supported locations can confirm compatibility through the website. Technically, this just redirects the visitor to a subscribe section of the normal Bally Sports website, but that may change in the future and closer to the full launch.

Once on the website, the user can input their ZIP code to check eligibility. If located in a supported location, they will be presented with the option to sign up as well as information on which sports and teams are available in that location. For example, if signing up in Detroit, subscribers get access to the Detroit Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings. It is also worth noting that a “not all games may be available” disclaimer is shown.

Bally Sports Plus Detroit
Bally Sports Detroit

In terms of the price, the Bally Sports Plus subscription costs $19.99 per month. However, there is also the option to sign up for an annual plan at $189.99 per year, resulting in an average monthly cost of just under $16. A 7- day free trial is available to new subscribers and this is irrespective of whether the consumer plans to sign up to the monthly or yearly Bally Sports Plus subscription.

Once signed up, and similar to how the websites are currently linked, there doesn’t appear to be any specific Bally Sports Plus app available and it remains to be seen if one will become available later in the year when the full launch takes place. In the meantime, Bally Sports Plus subscribers can simply download the original Bally Sports app on a supported device and then sign in with their account details to unlock the live sports coverage included with their subscription.

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