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Bally Sports+ To Cost $19.99 Per Month, Soft Launches Soon


Bally Sports

Bally Sports+ looks set to be the name of Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s direct-to-consumer streaming service, and the company has now confirmed initial pricing and soft launch availability. This particular streaming service might not appeal to all consumers, but it is likely to be a highly sought-after service for those looking to stream and watch local live sports over the internet.

There are now a variety of live TV streaming services to choose from, and spanning the price spectrum. Services like Philo and Sling TV offer an affordable way to watch live TV over the internet, while services like YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream cost more but tend to provide access to more channels or premium features. However, with many of these services not carrying the various Bally Sports channels, accessing live sports in some parts of the United States can prove problematic. That gap in channel access is expected to start to change somewhat when Sinclair launches its new streaming service.

During its earnings call today, Sinclair seemingly confirmed that the service will be called Bally Sports+. The company also confirmed during the earnings call that a subscription will cost $19.99 per month and there will be an option to save by paying $189.99 for the year. At this annual plan price, a subscription works out to be a little under $16 per month. In terms of when consumers will be able to sign up and watch Bally Sports+, the company says the streaming subscription service will begin to become available during this quarter, suggesting by the end of June, 2022.

It is worth noting that this launch window is in relation to a soft launch. As a result, not all consumers in the US should automatically expect to be able to sign up or gain access to their respective Bally Sports channels by then. The company confirmed that the nationwide rollout is planned to take place in September of this year. The company intends to use this time in between to ensure the quality and reliability of the app, and stated that additional features will be rolled out in the months following the launch.

At the price suggested, sports fans will need to consider whether the cost is low enough for them to subscribe. Bally Sports+ will only offer access to select channels in select locations. However, as DirecTV Stream is the option real option for a live TV plan that includes Bally Sports, a separate Bally Sports+ subscription might be worth the additional monthly cost, especially for those that consider their local teams and live sports to be a must-have.

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