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AT&T TV Subscribers Can Now Sign In to Starz App & Website


AT&T TV and Starz

AT&T TV subscribers can now sign in to the Starz app and website, providing the premium channel is included with their live TV subscription. The addition of Starz TV Everywhere support allows subscribers to access videos directly through the third-party app and benefit from any additional app-specific features.

TV Everywhere can be an extremely useful feature for live TV subscribers, as it opens up access to a variety of channel and network apps. However, it is not always available for all channels included with a subscription. AT&T TV’s TV Everywhere support list is a prime example, as although it does include many popular channels, it is still missing some as well. However, Starz is no longer one that’s missing.

AT&T TV has not officially announced the new Starz support yet, but it is now live. While it remains unclear when exactly the change happened, the Stars website now lists AT&T TV as one of the ‘choose your provider’ options. As recently as last week the feature was unavailable. As to be expected, the same support will also now be available through the Starz app on various platforms as well.

With the change now in effect, and providing Starz is one of the channels included with the subscription, subscribers can either download the Starz app or head over to the Starz website, log in using their AT&T TV credentials, and start watching videos.

Benefits of using TV Everywhere

While the AT&T TV app will automatically include Starz shows and movies for those that have added the channel, there are some reasons to consider using the separate app. For starters, the app won’t impact on various limitations, such as the number of streams AT&T TV offers subscribers. In addition, the separate apps can sometimes result in access to more content than what’s available to the subscriber naturally through the AT&T TV app.

Another important benefit of TV Everywhere support is simply device support in general. For any subscribers that often want to watch content on a device that AT&T TV currently doesn’t support, TV Everywhere can be a good workaround. It does mean having to download more apps on the device, but it is still a better option than not being able to watch on the device at all. For those specifically interested in Starz shows and movies, that’s now an option open to AT&T TV subscribers.

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  1. I paid for Starz on my cable bill. Can I also stream Starz without paying addition fee?

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