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AT&T TV NOW Monthly Prices Increase to $65 and $80


AT&T 2019 price increase

Today, AT&T TV NOW prices increased for the second time in 2019. The latest increase adds $15 to the base plan.

Those looking to subscribe to the live TV streaming service right now will now find the cheapest “Plus” plan currently costs $65 per month. The Plus plan does include free access to HBO.

This price change represents an increase of $15 compared to the previous $50 price.

AT&T TV NOW also offers a “Max” plan which includes both HBO and Cinemax. Prior to this price increase the Max Plan cost $70 per month. Following the price increase, Max now costs $80 per month.

While these prices relate to customers looking to start a new subscription, existing subscribers are understood to be seeing similar price rises. This includes those grandfathered DIRECTV NOW Go Big subscribers.

Not AT&T TV NOW’s first price increase this year

Technically, this is the first time AT&T TV NOW has increased the price of its plans. That’s because AT&T TV NOW used to operate as DIRECTV NOW. The service underwent a name-change earlier in the year.

Prior to that name-change, DIRECTV NOW did see its main plans increase in price from $40 and $50, respectively.

Combined with this latest price increase, this means AT&T TV NOW’s cheapest plan has risen from $40 to $65 per month in around six months. That’s one of the biggest price changes to date in the live TV streaming world.

You can check out how all of the main services have increased their prices lately by using our constantly updated live TV streaming price tracker.

How does AT&T TV NOW stack up the competition?

In terms of the price, AT&T TV NOW is now one of the more expensive options. However, that does come with a caveat. For example, AT&T TV NOW includes HBO with its entry-level Plus plan. HBO normally costs $15 per month.

If you are an existing HBO subscriber then that’s an important point when choosing a live TV streaming service as that $15 needs to be added on top of the cost of a subscription when making comparisons.

Here’s a rundown of how the main live TV streaming services currently compare on price for their cheapest plans.

Current price
Hulu + Live TV$45
PlayStation Vue$50 (closes in January)
Sling TV$25
YouTube TV$50

It should be noted that the Hulu price listed above is slightly misleading as Hulu recently announced it is also increasing the price of its plans.

However, that price change is not due to take effect until December 18. At that time, the price of Hulu’s cheapest plan will rise by $10.

More information on the Hulu price change is available here

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