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AT&T TV NOW Adds Extra Stream, Boosts Cloud DVR Limit to 500 Hours



AT&T TV NOW subscribers have an extra stream and more cloud DVR storage to play with. Up until now, AT&T TV NOW was one of the services that offered the fewest streams and least amount of cloud DVR storage, in spite of also being one of the most expensive live TV streaming services. That’s now changed.

The AT&T TV NOW website has already been updated confirming the streams and cloud DVR changes and therefore it is expected that subscribers will be able to take advantage of the increases immediately. In addition, these changes apply to both “Plus” and “Max” subscribers.

Previously AT&T TV NOW subscribers were limited to watching content on two different screens at the same time. That is, unless they paid extra each month to add a third stream to the package. However, AT&T has now added an additional stream free of charge bringing the total number of streams included in the plan price up to 3.

Cloud DVR was previously limited to just 20 hours of storage but following the latest changes the limit has now been significantly increased with subscribers now entitled to 500 hours. With this limit, AT&T TV NOW has gone from being one of the least generous cloud DVR limits to one of the most generous – only Philo and YouTube TV now offer more considering both services offer unlimited cloud DVR.

On top of the hour limit increase, subscribers are also now able to keep recordings for up to 90 days before they are automatically deleted. Previously, this limit was set to 30 days for AT&T TV NOW customers. These cloud DVR changes appear to bring the NOW service in line with the non-NOW AT&T TV streaming service’s limits.

Grandfathered and discounted plans not so lucky

Subscribers still tied into the grandfathered DIRECTV NOW package at a cheaper rate don’t appear to be eligible for any of these increases and that’s likely to be the same for any other discounted package. AT&T specifically explains these improved limits are for subscribers who are paying a minimum of $65 per month – the current entry level price for the AT&T TV NOW Plus package.

This also means those who subscribe to any of the international standalone packages are still limited to just 2 streams at the same time with the option to add a third for an additional $5 per month.

Source: AT&T TV NOW

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