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AT&T TV Now & DirecTV Now Price Increase Confirmed


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AT&T is increasing the price of some of its DirecTV Now and AT&T TV Now subscriptions by $10 starting next month. There had previously been some confusion over whether the price increase would actually happen, but AT&T is now in the process of emailing affected customers to confirm the change.

AT&T’s TV customers have gone through a number of changes in recent years. Not only has the channel lineups and plans changed, but the price has routinely been increasing as well. For DirecTV Now subscribers that originally signed up for $35 per month, the price increases will feel all the more substantial.

AT&T has already started emailing customers advising of the latest price rise. Generally speaking, the increase results in an additional $9.99 per month being added to the cost of a subscription. The price increase only affects those who were subscribed to either DirecTV Now or AT&T TV Now, and not anyone who has signed up to AT&T TV.

The change in price is due to take affect starting April 1, 2021. However, the exact date an individual subscriber will see the price increase will depend on their individual billing cycle. Either way, those affected will receive an email soon confirming their new price and the start date, if they haven’t already,

A lot can change in a few years

When AT&T launched DirecTV Now, it was one of the better deals around. In fact, those signed up to the Go Big plan at a discounted rate were paying just $35 for the best deal around. Since then, however, the price has slowly creeped up. While those same subscribers still have access to pretty much the same channel list, for some, the new price will not be any different to the prices now being charged by AT&T TV and the other live TV streaming services.

In spite of this, some subscribers may find they are still better off with their existing package, depending on their individual discounts and needs. For example, subscribers still getting HBO Max bundled in for $5 and/or any other loyalty discounts. However, for others, the price and channel advantage they have enjoyed as an early adopter might have finally gone.

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