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AT&T TV Rebrand? DirecTV Stream Wants You To “Get Your TV Together”


Directv stream logo

There have been some indications recently that AT&T might rebrand its AT&T TV service as DirecTV Stream and now further evidence seems to be coming to light, thanks to third-party retailers, including what’s likely to be the logo and one of the main slogans for the live TV service’s new look. While it still remains unconfirmed that AT&T TV will eventually become DirecTV Stream, all indications do point to an upcoming change in name.

After starting off as DirecTV Now and then transitioning to AT&T TV Now before eventually being absorbed by AT&T TV, references to the DirecTV Stream name were recently visible on the AT&T website. While those references were mostly noted through cached pages, a “DirecTV Stream” trademark was filed with the USPTO by DirecTV late last year, and shortly before AT&T announced it was spinning its various TV businesses off into a new company – New DirecTV.

Now, there are even more indications that point to a change in name from AT&T TV to DirecTV Stream. Streaming Better has found that at least one “AT&T Preferred Dealer” is already advertising DirecTV Stream. Equally notable, the URL for the page is for AT&T TV, further suggesting this is not simply a new service specific to DirecTV, but a replacement for AT&T TV.

In addition, the DirecTV Stream advertising materials used by the same third-party reseller highlight a “get your TV together” DirecTV Stream slogan. This phrase is notable as a “Get Your TV Together” trademark was filed with the USPTO by AT&T Intellectual Property II, LP, an AT&T-owned company, in April of this year. The suggestion here being that “get your TV together” is likely to be the slogan used when DirecTV Stream becomes widely available.

Get your tv together

For reference, there have been some other trademarks filed recently which seem to also be related to the service, based on the filing categories, application date, and so on. For example, “Beam it or stream it” (USPTO) and “Too good for your own good” (USPTO). However, so far these do not appear to be as directly linked to DirecTV Stream as ‘get your TV together’ is.

Other than the name, not much is changing

The “select your DIRECTV STREAM package” options on offer are Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate and Premier. These are the very same plans currently offered by AT&T TV, with the same number and selection of channels, as well as the same additional subscription benefits, and at the very same prices.

In fact, and similar to the previous references found online, the only difference appears to be a switch from the AT&T TV branding to DirecTV Stream. Based on the details that have come through so far, subscribers to DirecTV Stream can expect a like-for-like experience to AT&T TV, even down to the device support. Speaking of which, AT&T currently offers its own streaming device, and that also appears to be set for the same name change.

Just like AT&T currently refers to its “AT&T TV Streaming Device” (or “AT&T TV Stream”), the device is set to be called “DIRECTV STREAM Device” with subscribers able to add it to their plan for $5 per month on a 24-month agreement, or simply purchase the device outright for $120. These are the same prices AT&T currently charges for its AT&T TV Streaming device.

With the likely logo (shown at the top of this article), the “get your TV together” references and filing, coupled with the recent references that have been spotted on the AT&T website, it seems increasingly likely that an AT&T TV rebrand is coming. With at least one third-party reseller already advertising DirecTV Stream, the rebrand might not be that far away from being officially announced.

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14 responses to “AT&T TV Rebrand? DirecTV Stream Wants You To “Get Your TV Together””

  1. I just join ATT&T tv service. It looks like i will have to find a new company as I do not want anything to do with Direct TV.

    1. It’s the same company.

  2. ATT is garbage!! Avatar
    ATT is garbage!!

    Att is garbage when it comes to tv.. over priced, overrated. Who wants $100 plus tv package. When you can individually pay for and stream most channels or you can get Hulu for 5 bucks and stream next day live shows. Att needs to get it together and stop bullsh*tting with these 2 year contracts

    1. $60
      110 Channels
      Unlimited DVR

      Seems like a good deal

      1. If anyone was offering such a package, yes, it would be a good deal. For now anyway, AT&T TV’s entry-level package costs $70 and has “65+” channels. Unlimited DVR costs another $10. No word on whether any of that will change with the rebrand to DIRECTV Stream. Meanwhile, YouTube TV costs $65 for “85+” channels with unlimited DVR.

    2. There is no contract for AT&T TV. Read their website.

  3. I wonder if the streaming box/device would be a viable option/competitor to Roku or the Xfinity Flex Box.

  4. Don’t know why you would want their streaming device. The current one is a piece of cr*p. FireStick or Roku are a much better way to go.

    1.  Avatar

      Because of the custom UI you get and the remote is very convenient to use, it’s just a nicer live tv experience. The new one going through FCC approval has much better internals and will be a pretty advanced AndroidTV box from Humax so it’ll handle other apps better and be much faster. You can tweak the current box with some developer settings to speed it up a bit.

  5. Can they get the app available on Google TV please.

  6. I like the new name. They also have a newer, faster device going through FCC certification right now. I think this is a smart move to re-align the TV division with the DirecTV brand name and leave the At&t name to the cell phone biz.

    1. celticpride Avatar

      I would like to see them sell the directv stream box at best buy , amazon ,and other retailers like target.

      1.  Avatar

        That’s a good idea. Especially this new box they have coming from Humax, it’s supposed to have some pretty good specs so if I were them I’d want to get it to more outlets.

  7. Any idea what will happen to original Direct TV Now subscribers?

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