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AT&T TV’s Unlimited DVR & Simultaneous Streams Change Now Live


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AT&T TV now offers new and existing subscribers the option to upgrade to an unlimited cloud DVR, as well as an automatic and free upgrade to an almost unlimited simultaneous streams experience. The updates arrive shortly after news that the company plans to increase subscription prices for existing AT&T TV Now and DirecTV Now subscribers by $10 per month, bringing the older packages more in line with the current ones offered to new subscribers.

AT&T only recently merged its TV Now service with its standard AT&T TV brand, offering a choice between no-contract and two-year contract plans. This also resulted in some changes to the plan names and prices, with the cheapest AT&T TV no-contract plan now costing $69.99 per month for access to more than 65 channels.

Two areas that did not change when the services merged was the number of devices that could stream at the same time and the number of hours subscribers could record. Both of which are now changing to some degree. When it comes to the cloud DVR, AT&T is now offering all AT&T TV subscribers the option to upgrade to unlimited for $10 per month.

Before the change, AT&T TV subscribers received 20 hours of recording space for free, and that limit is not any different now. Anyone signing up to the service today will still only get 20 hours. However, previously AT&T also offered an option to pay $10 per month and upgrade the number of hours from 20 to 500. Now, anyone taking AT&T up on the same offer will get unlimited hours instead. Subscribers already paying the additional $10 per month are automatically upgraded to unlimited as well.

Understanding AT&T TV’s new streams policy

With simultaneous streams, the change is far more complicated. Essentially, AT&T TV now provides subscribers with the ability to stream on up to 20 devices at the same time. However, that’s only when connected to the same network. When accessing live TV and on demand content outside the home network, the previous three-stream policy remains in effect.

In addition, not all of the channels available through an AT&T TV package can take advantage of the additional streams when at home, with some notable examples being Fox channels and NHL Network. This also applies to some premium channels added to a plan, such as Showtime.

Overall, the increased cloud DVR and simultaneous streams limits are positive changes. However, they both come with their own caveats. Those not opting to pay for the recording upgrade are still only provided with a severely limited DVR experience. Although the additional streams will help some households, it remains to be seen just how useful they will be to the majority of users, considering they exclude usage outside the home and for many sports-related channels and events. Not to mention, the additional stress so many devices at the same time might put on an internet connection.

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  1. So according to Reddit, some Grandfathered accounts have been able to adjust to 500 DVR Hours by calling. It just depends on who you talk to in CS. Any idea if this will be implemented to all customers?

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