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AT&T TV: How to Check or Change Home Network & Location


AT&T TV Home area

AT&T TV uses a home network to define access to local channels, but it can also affect other areas of the experience, including the number of devices that can stream at the same time. Due to this, understanding how a home network works can help to ensure there are no disruptions to the live TV service.

Home networks and areas are nothing new. Pretty much every major live TV streaming service currently uses a home network. However, they are not all defined the same and the effects of a home network or area can vary from service to service. Therefore, how one live TV service decides what is a home location can be very different to others.

In early 2021, the service encountered some major changes. First came the option to subscribe to no-contract or two-year contract plans. This was then followed by the addition of a DVR upgrade that increased the recording space to unlimited. At the same time as the DVR change, AT&T TV also adjusted its simultaneous streams policy. One of the defining differences was how many devices can stream at the same time when at home, compared to when away from home.

Understanding AT&T’s home network

Most live TV streaming services use a home network to help determine access to channels, as well as how many devices can watch at the same time. These policies can also affect the type of devices that can access the service. As an example, when away from the home network, AT&T TV allows three devices to stream at the same time, but this limitation is reduced down to two for smart TV devices. The additional third away from home stream is simply for use on mobile devices.

How AT&T TV defines a home network is slightly different to other live TV streaming services. While some, like YouTube TV, use the actual address or zip code, AT&T TV actually uses an IP address to determine the subscriber’s home location. Therefore, any device connected to the same IP address will be considered at home while those connected to a different IP address will be determined to be away from home.

Although subscribers can manually set their home network, the service automatically sets it the first time. Once a consumer signs up to the service and accesses an app for the first time, AT&T TV sets the network the device is connected to as the home location. In rare instances, this could mean that the home network has been set incorrectly to begin with. For example, if signing up to the service and opening the app in a friend or family member’s home and not their own.

Checking current home location

The home network should be set to the subscriber’s billing address. Specifically, the Wi-Fi network at that address. However, there is an easy way to check what AT&T TV has determined the current home location to be and whether a device is registered as connected to that network.

How to check current AT&T TV home network:

  1. Open AT&T TV app.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Preferences
  4. Click/tap on Location Settings

If the device is connected to the home network, then subscribers will see a “Connected” status confirmation message. In contrast, if a “Not connected” message is shown, then the device is currently not considered to be connected to the home network.

Changing AT&T TV home network

There are going to be times when a consumer needs to change their home network. The most obvious example of this is when actually moving home. However, with AT&T TV there may be additional times when a home network needs to be changed. For example, as the service uses an IP address to determine the subscriber’s home location, they will likely need to change their home network when changing an internet service provider as well.

There are no major issues with changing a home network and it can easily be done through many of the service’s apps.

How to change AT&T TV home network:

  1. Open AT&T TV app
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Click/tap on Location Settings
  5. Click/tap on Set New Home Location
  6. Confirm new location

AT&T TV only allows a subscriber to change their home network four times in a 12-month period. Therefore, those with multiple homes may find they run into issues occasionally. This will mostly depend on how often they are in between homes, and how many devices need to access live TV and on demand content at the same time.

AT&T TV home network summary

AT&T TV uses a subscriber’s IP address to determine whether a device is connected to the home network. This can affect the channels that are available, as well as the number of devices that can stream at the same time. The service tends to automatically set the home location when a new subscriber opens an app for the first time and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Subscribers to the live TV streaming service can easily check whether a device is connected to the home network through the app’s settings. Furthermore, if incorrect, moving home, or changing internet service provider, subscribers can manually change their home network through the app. However, AT&T TV only allows an account to change the home network four times during a twelve-month period.

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  1.  Avatar

    My tv won’t work what channel do I go on and it saying no conesion

  2. Can someone explain this to me. I have six TVs working off AT&T app. Two tvs are connected to boxes because the tvs do not have the Roku app. I get local Birmingham tv stations. the other four tvs are providing tv thru ROKU tv. On these four tvs, I get Knoxville, TV local tv stations. I use to live in Knoxville. On the AT&T app, my billing zip code is showing the Knoxville zip code. I am trying to get Birmingham local tv stations, but not having success.

  3. Adding any smart TV device outside of the home network does not seem to be an option – at least not anymore. I just subscribed, used the app my home Roku, then tried to use the app on my neighbor’s appleTV. The latter would not work.

    Thank you for having this explanation posted on the internet! I couldn’t figure out the problem.

  4. These menu options don’t exist in my ATT Now app on the TV app or on the phone.

    Open AT&T TV app
    Select Settings
    Select Preferences.
    Click/tap on Location Settings
    Click/tap on Set New Home Location
    Confirm new location

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