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AT&T TV Apps to Change to DirecTV Stream on August 26


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The next stage of the AT&T TV rebrand to DirecTV Stream will take place on August 26 when the apps changeover to the new name. The company previously announced the name of the live TV streaming service would be changing, but it remained unclear when those changes would be seen by subscribers. However, AT&T TV is now advising customers that the change will commence within the next couple of weeks.

AT&T TV, formerly AT&T TV Now and DirecTV Now before that, has gone through multiple rebrands over the past few years. More recently, it became clear that another name change was on the horizon when Streaming Better found multiple instances of the new name on the AT&T TV website as well as the new logo. Soon afterwards, the change in name was made official when AT&T confirmed the switch from AT&T TV to DirecTV Stream following the closure of the deal between the company and TPG Capital.

Over the weekend, the various AT&T TV apps have been delivering notifications to subscribers confirming the rebranding of the apps and service will take place on August 26. At that time, the different platform apps will transition from AT&T TV to DirecTV Stream. The rebranding is expected to happen automatically so subscribers should not have to do anything now or once the apps transition over to the new logo.

At the same time, AT&T TV has repeatedly suggested that subscribers shouldn’t expect any change to their service, plans or pricing. According to AT&T, this is simply a change in branding from the subscriber perspective with no changes or disruption to their service. Likewise, there isn’t expected to be any changes to the four main plan choices, with DirecTV Stream expected to continue to offer the same Entertainment, Choice, Premier, and Ultimate live TV packages to new subscribers.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any changes at all. It is likely that along with the change in name, branding and logo, the apps may encounter other design and interface tweaks. Not to mention, there is the possibility that under DirecTV Stream, the service may become available on even more devices in the future. Either way, the extent to the immediate changes should start to become clear before the end of this month.

Source: Reddit

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